Sunday, September 9, 2007

I was "morph"ified

Caleb and I found this funny website called You can upload photos on the site and they "scan" your face to find celebrities that you resemble. So when I uploaded a picture of myself, 60% of the celebrities I resembled were MALES!!! Yikes. My identity is in Christ, My identity is in Christ. Amongst the celebrities were Jeff Daniels (yes, the unnattractive guy from Dumb and Dumber), Wayne Gretsky, Regis Philbin and Elizabeth Hurley (don't ask me what she has in common with Jeff Daniels?). Yes, I would so much rather look like Elizabeth Hurley than Regis, but I thought the morph was so great. Check it out:

Click HERE to see me as Regis Philbin

Or you can see'>Caleb morph into Jennifer Aniston's real sweetheart

Very Entertaining! tyne

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