Friday, September 7, 2007

Take a Bow!

McClaine feeling a little outnumbered as Avery gathers with her girlfriends for a playdate. Holland, Ellie, Grace and Avery offer many fabulous performances in their gorgeous dresses!

Those of you who have been following our blog will be glad to hear that Avery isn't sleeping on the floor anymore. God graciously provided a toddler bed for Avery and a crib for her brother (since her crib will go to her new sister). Speaking of her new sister, Avery was talking and singing to her new sister through my belly last night and the baby started kicking. This got Avery so excited that she said, "Let's break open mom's belly and get that sister out. She's ready to play with me!"

Avery loves entertaining her brother, Thank you, Lord! When he gives her positive feedback, she feels inclined to take a bow, and another, and another, and another.


poehl family said...

PRECIOUS and hysterical all at once. "thank you very much, thank you very much!"... what a ham. i loved seeing avery all grown up. i still remember her bald head and chubby thighs kicking away at the grace picnic a few summers ago. my, does time fly! ps.... i thought your human boob comment was too funny..and completely appropriate!

Rachel W said...

wow. so adorable!! she's just like her parents! :)