Thursday, October 11, 2007

Can it be? AVERY'S THREE!!!

Avery's third birthday was so much fun. Though we had a small group, it was purely girly. We started the day with a delicious brunch. Avery really is such a big girl now, I can't believe my baby is three!

Funny face pancakes!

Oma made these cute little personalized purses for the girls, filled with things that little girls love (including their own gift cards for ice cream so they could pay like grown-ups).

Who doesn't love opening presents? Avery got some great gifts- darling dresses, kitty rainboots, a ballerina Barbie, and a home ballet studio- Bella Dancerella, amongst other fun gifts.

After brunch, the girls headed to SnipIts, a salon especially for kids. The girls got updos and manicures- so fun.

Birthday Girl- sooooo fabulous!

Grace is gorgeous!

Ellie looking marvelous!

Holland getting glamorous

Take a look at these beauties! If we could all look this darling after a day at the beauty parlor...

During naptime, Avery opted to try out her new present, Bella Dancerella. She had to put on her "tard." All family members that called to wish her happy birthday were perplexed when she said she got a "tard" for her birthday. "Tard" translates to leotard.

We finished the day off with some ice cream. Avery seems to like ice cream more than cake, especially if it is chocolate with marshmellows and "gummi bearies."

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Simon said...

Tyne, what a fun bday party! I will have to copy it when Carsen turns three.

Love - Katrina