Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Bustle and Blessings of December!

What an unbelievable start to the month of December! God has been so faithful to answer countless prayers that you have offered up on our behalf, so thank you! Thought I would catch up on some posting while Audrey is sleeping, and the other two kids are out with Oma and Margaret.

Here are some photos of early Christmas festivities. Since we didn't know when Audrey was coming, we thought we would start the decorating and ornament making early.

Get a good look, people! This is the last time, Lord willing, you will see this mama knocked up. Tyne, Avery and Audrey the night before she was born.

McClaine was loving the strings of Christmas lights and was dragging them all over the house!

We also had a fun playdate last friday with some friends. The girls decorated gingerbread cookies that Aunt Brigid had sent with Jode.

About a year ago, Aunt Janice gave this monkey (that talks and moves) to the kids. Avery was terrified. We got it out the other day and it was her new best friend. She feeds it, dresses it for ballet and McClaine has a great time dancing around it making monkey noises!

I think "nesting" for a new baby looks totally different when you are a mother of two toddlers! Instead of washing Audrey's baby clothes in Dreft and painting the nursery, we opted for messy crafts.
We had our friend Lauren over to help us decorate the tree and make dough ornaments.

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