Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Day in the Life...

I borrowed this title from my friend, a mother of twins. Now I can really sympathize with what the joy and chaos looks like for a struggling, hormonal and joyous mommy. This is what a start to my day looks like (mind you, it never really ended the day before as I have been up several times during the night, nursing, changing diapers and rocking sweet Audrey).
5:30 am Wake up to feed Audrey
6:30 am Attempt to lay her down and go back to sleep
6:32 am Grunt, scream, spit up (Audrey). Groan and cry (Tyne).
6:35 am What can I do to help? (Caleb) Cry, whine, I need sleep(Audrey and Tyne).
6:52 am Snoozing (Audrey and Tyne). Leaving for work (Caleb). Peace (Audrey, Tyne, Avery and McClaine).
7:04 am Boots walking down hallway, door locks.
7:09 am Strong smell of raspberry gum as Avery enters my bedroom, "Mom, Mom, I've got my gum and my lipgloss, but I can't find the remote control."
7:14 am McClaine screams, Audrey screams, sick diapers for McClaine.
7:30 am Audrey's hungry.
7:31-10:55 am Unable to record every detail of chaos and joy (Tyne).

Needless to say, we are trying to get our feet on the ground with three under three!


bethany said...

tyne! i feel your pain! we just had number #3 in october... three boys under 3! i find it tricky to even shower! haha. The days that really crack me up are when Larson comes home at 5 and I'm still in my pajamas feeling like I'm just getting my day going and ready to go get dressed! nice one, Bethany. :) blessings on your expanding family... Audrey is adorable!

Katrina said...

Tyne! I cannot imagine the chaos. I cannot even manage one sometimes.

Audrey is precious. I love the pic of Avery holding her.

Love - Katrina

Amy A. said...

oh, sweet momma friend Tyne. You are the woman! I am so proud of you and thankful that you know that He is your strength. I love you.