Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tactical "Kaneuvers"

When Caleb comes home from work, he and Avery spends some good bonding time playing, "Tactical Maneuvers," which Avery calls "Tactical Kaneuvers." They sneak around the house covered in throw blankets with flashlights, just like true soldiers.

So this morning, Avery woke up yelling. She was having a nightmare that Elmo with a really long beak was chasing her and trying to bite her on the back. She tried to escape through a door on her floor. When Caleb went in her room to comfort her, he said that if she was scared, she could ask Jesus to help her. She asked, "what would Jesus do?" He replied that Jesus would use His sword to chop off Elmo's beak. Avery face lit up and she said, "ohhhh, that would be tactical and funny."

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