Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny Inanimate Objects

Circumcised Pacifiers. Surefire way to wean your kid off the "paci." When Avery turned 16 mos. we clipped the tip. She put it in her mouth, took it back out, said, "no thanks, broken," and never went back. When McClaine turned 16 mos. we clipped the tip. He put it in his mouth, took it back out and chucked it on the floor like a football in the end zone.This awesome "presto" wand was made from a cut out on a McDonald's Happy Meal Box and a straw. It was also the object that caused 5 minute emotional breakdowns for my oldest two as they fought over its precious value. **Note** Avery was watching me post this entry and she just said, "My Presto Wand!" I told her that I was putting it on here for Oma and Nana to see she replied, "Yes, I just knew it!"Okay, this is really cool and not so "inanimate." My sister-in-law, Leigh, makes cool toys and stuffed animals by hand. She made this sandwich for my kids. NOT made in China. Check out her flickr site by clicking on the sandwich


Cassandra Raney said...

Hehe... circumcised binkies! Noah has become enamored with Jude's binky and sneaks off in the corner to suck on it. He's even stolen it right out of Jude's mouth! What to do with the boy???

Love seeing your sweetie pies!

Katrina said...

Do you think the circumcised paci's would work on a 2 year old?? I need to wean her, but she is SO addicted. I am nervous about doing it and having days of serious meltdowns.

Vashey Fam said...

I love the presto wand! Thanks for the props too! The piano is great....honkytonk....but great. Maybe you guys will get one off of FreeCycle. Ours was free b/c no one wanted to move it!