Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Risen Savior and Texas Tornado

Often times my life feels like a tornado is tugging our little family along. Don't get me wrong, the ride is so thrilling and I feel the great power of our Lord shielding us from the crazy debris. Seldom do I take the time to sit back and meditate on the awesome things that the Lord has done to turn this world around. The Lord has risen! Our Savior, Jesus Christ has conquered death on the cross and has redeemed the dead. Thank you for the cross and the new life that came from it! It was a blessing to slow down and simplify the message of the cross for my three year old daughter, Avery. Thank you, Lord, for an opportunity to share the Good News and reflect on the awesome power of Your Risen Son!

Speaking of Tornadoes... we did the whirlwind tour of Texas the past couple weeks. Here are the snapshots that depict our storm chasing. First stop, Aggieland. We love visiting College Station, especially now that we have a new niece there.

Ray Molina with Audrey and George Ward with Sage Elizabeth Evans Ryan, Beth and their new daughter
Beth and Sage
Nana and Audrey

Mimi (Paula) and Avery

Mimi and Sage, Nana and Audrey

We had a great time at lunch for Ryan's birthday, celebrating with our friends the Michele Family. We miss you, Mark, thanks for serving our country!
Sage Elizabeth Next stop, East Texas. It was great to visit Caleb's family and celebrate cousin Wyatt's first birthday. Margaret and Audrey.
Avery and her friend, Karleigh.
Great Nana and her three great grandchildren
It was such a blessing for Caleb to get to see his grandpa. We are praying that the Lord would restore his health and strength and that God would give his grandma endurance in caring for him.

We also got a chance to celebrate an early Easter with Caleb's family
McClaine ate an ENTIRE chocolate bunny (on my lap- what a mess)
We praise God for the tremendous example that Caleb's grandparents have set of a Godly marriage.

It was so fun to visit with Caleb's Aunt and Uncle Robinson and two of their kids. Thanks, Corrie for all the help with the kids!

Happy first birthday, Wyatt

Margaret helped me drive home with the kids (a ten hour drive from East Texas). Ironically, when she flew back to East Texas from the Valley, she was greeted by tornadoes!

We went to the Hill Country for Easter. More pictures to come!

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