Monday, March 3, 2008

"Something Unusual"

Audrey's verbal skills consist of sweet cooing and gargle noises,
McClaine is showing compliance in his verbal skills by replying, "alright" and "I do" to nearly everything.
"Who wants to play outside?"
"I do."
"Who wants to eat lunch?"
"I do."
"Who has a disgusting diaper?"
"I do."
Or, "McClaine, sit down."
"McClaine, be gentle with your sister."
"McClaine, let's go change your disgusting diaper."

Avery on the other hand is showing advanced verbal skills.
"Daddy, I tooted."
Caleb replies, "Avery, did you cut the cheese?"
"No dad, I don't have any cheese."
"Avery it is just a saying... Did you cut the proverbial cheese?"
Two weeks later:
"Daddy, I cut the proverbial cheese."

For those of you who are curious, as I was-

1. of or relating to or resembling or expressed in a proverb; "he kicked the proverbial bucket"; "the proverbial grasshopper"
2. widely known and spoken of; "her proverbial lateness"; "the proverbial absentminded professor"; "your proverbial dizzy blonde"

The other funny thing Avery has been saying is, "mommy, I want to play something unusual." Or, "Mom, I would like something unusual for dinner."

Avery has also been showing off her artistic capabilities by drawing portraits of her sister-

Audrey, on the other hand, is preparing her hands for art by sucking on them-


Spencer said...

Hey Tyne and Caleb! I miss you guys. Caleb, I'm going to kick your cheese man. I still remember when you said to us, after sharing the gospel with a friendly fellow at a dorm, "Man, I thought that guy was going to flip me off and do a cartwheel." That was classic.

And Tyne, I love the quote that you now have on your blog, "I had a mind once, and then I had some kids." That's awesome! I hope my wife keeps her mind... ha ha.

That's awesome that you guys are in south TX. Weren't you guys in Vail, CO for a time? When did you up and move to south TX? Glad you guys are back. We are currently living in Cypress, TX, where both of us work as teachers. Missy is a kindergarten teacher, and I teach PE for K through 5th grade.

Well anyways, great to hear from you guys. Talk to you later.


kari said...

Hey Tyne! good to hear from you! McClain is a DOLL FACE....i mean a handsome little guy. how old is he? titus is almost 17 months now, and little elli will be due july 13th! woah- a little girl. totally different :)