Thursday, April 3, 2008

broken tv and other reasons to give thanks

I am an addict. I didn't know I was addicted to Nick Jr. until our one and only, rockin' 14", no definition, Magnavox bit the dust yesterday. I realize there was a time when a mother of three young chitlins did manage without the reliable babysitter, Dora. So instead of trying to contain my little ones, we spent the day yesterday with our own rendition of Backyardigans. Don't worry, it was only 88 degrees and we had plenty of delicious "mud soup" to keep us cool. Avery and McClaine face off, trying to reach the tower of power...Really though, I did just bask in the glory of the day that the Lord had made, and watched my three children enjoy God's creation. And if it weren't for that stinkin' TV breaking, I probably would have been blogging with that weird Yo Gabba Gabba music in the background. Instead, we played a little, "hey batter, batter, batter."
We took some silly pictures

I wish there was a hyperlink that could capture the smell of this amazing Jasmine in my yard, (I think it is jasmine, anyway, it is glorious) Avery and McClaine found a lizard friend and named her Eliana the Iguana (you have to say it with a Spanish accent)

And decided to make a nest for her
All of this outdoor fun was purely exhausting for Audrey. She is nearly asleep in her Bumbo.
We lost one of McClaine's shoes and it really was a challenge to findDid I mention that my husband, Caleb, best daddy and husband in the world made cinnamon rolls from scratch. Yes, he made the dough and the icing ALL from scratch. Didn't want to make you jealous, just thought you might be getting hungry with all of our back yard fun.
Avery really does sing to Audrey, "you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh"
How cute are they?
Being an Early Childhood teacher, I swore I wouldn't let my children be consumed by the TV, and yet when you are nursing a babe, and trying to keep Barbie shoes out of a toddlers mouth, and trying to keep your three year old from "making Oma's biscuits" unattended, Nick Jr. sure is helpful. Today proved to be a wonderful and possible day without it.


Cassandra Raney said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous backyardigans adventure! I can hardly pry Noah away from the tv... veggietales is like crack for him. He wakes up and the first word out of his mouth is veggietales... and the last thing he does in the evening before bed is throw a tantrum because he wants more veggietales. Ohhhh how I love Bob and Larry but it kinda freaks me out how completely obsessed Noah is. Eeek!

Vashey Fam said...

Tyne!! Remember when you told me when we were talking about money, that cable was one thing you could NEVER give up? I think God took you up on the you need more challenges, huh? It looks and sounds like you are a super excellent mother and the day outdoors only proves it more!

Tegan said...

Sooo cute! Sounds like you are doing just fine without the TV. You are such a great Mommy! Your kids are just beautiful!!!!! I can't believe Tripp is turning one in a few weeks. Time is flying...