Wednesday, April 16, 2008

kid pics

Today we attempted to get some group shots of the kids, this is always a daunting activity. If you think you will see one photo where all of the kids are looking at the camera, you're wrong!
Going in for the kiss!
Big Lovin'
Tickling anyone?
No Thanks!
The weather has been beautiful down here, we have enjoyed hours in the backyard.

No trace of gingivitis


Tegan said...

Those pictures are adorable! For some reason none of your posts showed up on my google reader until yesterday. Ummm, could you please stop posting all those yummy dishes that your husband makes...what a treat. I have an amazing husband who serves me to no end, but he doesn't cook!!!!!

Katrina said...

What a sweet bunch of kids you have. I am so happy for you and Caleb! I love that ya'll are writing a book together. That time of day is so hard; I will try to think if I have any stories.

Shannon Morton said...

Great pics of the kids, Tyne. Now I solemnly charge you to get some of you and them together. ;)