Monday, April 14, 2008

What a Feast!

Audrey started eating rice cereal yesterday. A good mom would have captured it on camera and posted it on her blog, a better mom plays bodyguard and protects these first bites from the two older siblings trying to jam spoons in their sweet baby sister's face. Maybe I will capture a photo later today. She loved it- it was like a feast. So Caleb is the ultimate feast maker in our household. Last night he made a fantastic pot roast with Asian stir fried green beans (yum- fresh grated ginger and sesame seeds), homemade rosemary and sea salt flat bread and DELICIOUS twice baked summer squash with chives and sour cream and parmesan bread crumbs. I think he likes to make pot roast b/c I am horrible at cooking it and he is awesome. Really, it doesn't matter- I love when he cooks, I feel like such a princess

Avery wanted me to take a picture of her plate too. She has been saying some of the funniest things. "Mom, I don't want to wear my red dress to church, I want to wear my teenager shirt." What the heck is a teenager shirt? How do I prevent her from ever wearing one?
She also wanted to help swaddle Audrey for her nap. She said that she needed to help me so "Audrey wouldn't cessaration." I asked her what cessaration was and she said it would help her not to puke.?
When McClaine passes gas, Avery has switched from the saying, "he cut the proverbial cheese," to "he brung the heat."
She also asks McClaine in the tub, "who wants a zicklock?" Then she dumps a cup of water on his head and says, "mmmmm, zicklock fresh."
Where does she come up with this stuff?

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poehl family said...

laughing very loud. hmmmmmm, wonder where she gets it? "he brung the heat." sounds like good old dad to me! avery is HILARIOUS. between the personalities of her mommy & daddy, she is bound to be a barrel of laughs! keep the narratives coming. love them!!!