Sunday, August 17, 2008

West Texas Fun

Most people would not think that West Texas is the ideal August getaway. These people have clearly not spent a week in the glorious Ft. Davis Mountains with loved ones, eating cookies on the porch, chasing small children, singing gorgeous hymns of old with generations of family, and learning of the mysteries of our great God.

The weather was perfect, beautiful and dry, with a sweet afternoon shower that really encouraged a long afternoon slumber. I love Bloys' Camp Meeting. I wish it happened more that once a year.

My mom and dad came from Colorado and Caleb's parents from East Texas, what a blessing to have the grandparents near for some downtime for mommy!

Audrey and Avery on the porch

The kids at the cookshed

showing off their boots

My mom, Nanna, with Sage and my brother, Ryan, with Audrey

It's always a special treat to go out on the town with friends while the grandparents babysit Me and the kids
Sage Elizabeth
My mom, Beth and Ryan with Sage
More porch pics

Ryan and BethWalter, Caleb and my dad, Shirkie
Jode and Ellie
Caleb and his mom, Mona (oma)
Our first family shot in over a year (what a lovely background!)


Tegan said...

So good to see pictures of Shirky, Judy and Ryan! Is this a Family Reunion? Just Curious...are those family members? Loved the family picture. I still can't believe you are pregnant. What a blessing. I wish we were doing it together...God had different plans for me and that's okay. I know his timing is perfect and hopefully I won't be too far behind you. Keep us posted on how you are feeling.

Patrice said...

Great pictures!! So cute!! Looks like lots of fun. Can I come on the next vacation?? Haha jk! I love all the kiddos in their boots... That's too cute! Glad you enjoyed the trip!!

Jenn P. said...

Those are great pictures! It looked like a lot of fun and what cute kids!

Cassandra Raney said...

Great pictures... it looks sooooo peaceful there! You and Caleb definately make beautiful babies too :)

Mamasphere said...

Oh my gosh, could the kids look any cuter in their boots?

Margarita said...

I hate that I didn't get to go this year. Looks like you guys had fun! What are you and the kids doing on Sept. 12 or 13? I think I might be close by!!! Love you Tyner!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great photos - thanks for visiting me!