Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aves before bloggin'

Her fourth birthday is quickly approaching. I am very much procrastinating on planning her Fancy Nancy party, so I thought I would post some pics of Avery in her pre-blog days.

Avery and Daddy playing cards
six weeks old
Our Little Gift with Aunt Janice (10 weeks)
Caleb built this beautiful cradle for Avery.
I was not happy about this cradle, at least not before I saw it. For weeks, Caleb would be out working in his shop on this supposed "dog house," for the dog that we don't even have. I was ticked. We lived in a fixer-upper (1939) house and I was in a nesting frenzy. And Caleb was out in his shop, instead of helping me nest, working on this "dog house". About a week before she was born, the sweet cradle was in her room, with a note on it that said "Avery's 'dog house'". Very sweet. It now holds clean clothes that I have yet to put away at the foot of our bed. Come March, another sweet babe will nap in it! Speaking of naps, Avery has always been a great napper!
Now I need YOUR help! Anybody have some good ideas for Avery's Fancy Nancy Party? Any money saving ideas? Any Fancy ideas? S'il vous plait...


Threeboys1mommy said...

I hope you have a posh puppy.

Here's a link to my friends fancy nancy party-

She posted a lot of pics. I hope they spark some inspiration. Have fun.

amanda said...

the cradle is awesome!!

wish i had tips on the party - but can't wait to see what you do. i might have to "steal" all your ideas for a later bday bash - beans loves reading fancy nancy :)

Elaine A. said...

S'il Vous Plait is a fancy word for PLEASE!

Our friend Chloe ADORES F.N.!! I've read ALL the books she has in one sitting while babysitting her. I have to say, I love them myself!

Unfortunately I don't have any party ideas except I would suggest having feather boas there. Just an idea... ; )

The Alexanders said...

Hi Tyne,
I know you have no idea who I am, but I have known Caleb and Margaret's family for a long time! We were in youth group together and went to Sabine together. Anyway, I found your blog from Rusty and Whitney's blog and I LOVE reading it! You never fail to entertain me and oh--both our firstborns are named Avery! My sister is one of Margaret's good friends, Staci Warlick. Anyway, here are a few Fancy Nancy ideas I found: http://www.pepperspollywogs.com/blog/index.php/fancy-nancy-fancy-party/?thread_id=32180
Keep up with the blogging--you always give me a laugh!
Cheyenne Alexander

Susan said...

Love the pictures and that cradle is beautiful. You have one talented husband!

Wish I could help with the Fancy Nancy party but I don't even know who she is. I guess that will likely change before long.

Clare said...

i love the cradle, it is so beautiful! what a cutie;0

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

ooohhhh pretty cradle :)

We don't read Fancy Nancy--missed that one :(

Chelle said...

I love baby pictures to take us back to memory lane...it's amazing how fast the time flies by...

And the cradle story? Melted my heart. And it's gorgeous!

Krystyn said...

What a great "dog house." And, you are so lucky you have a good napper.

Ideas..I have none! I'm awful at this stuff...I wish you luck, though.

Katrina said...

sorry friend...I have no idea who the heck fancy nancy is.

Kristy said...

My daughter just had her 4th b/day party and it was Fancy Nancy. Here is a link to my blog post about it.


The girls favors were boas, ribbon wands, tiaras, skirts, and a party box with glitter, fancy pen (with plume), notebook, and fingernail polish.

Have fun - We love Fancy Nancy!!