Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?
When I was pregnant with Avery, I would ask Caleb almost everyday, "do I look pregnant?"

I would wait expectantly for my tummy to swell.

Now thirteen weeks on my fourth pregnancy in four years, I really do look pregnant. Actually, I have looked pregnant for years now.


Bathed, fed and ready for bed, Avery and McClaine played patiently in the playroom as I gave Audrey her bottle, rocked her and put her to bed. As I was feeding her a bottle, I heard some noises in the kitchen.

When I came into the playroom to put the other two to bed, they were sitting on the couch with a bag of Animal Crackers and a bottle of yellow mustard. Putting mustard on the crackers, their hands, their pjs and more.


Just because she is so darn cute


Conversation at dinner the other night:

McClaine (as he drops his corn on the cob on the floor): Oh no

Avery: Oh brother, he dropped his corn.

McClaine (trying to climb out of his chair to get his corn): STUCK!!! Oh no, I stuck

Avery: You need some help, brother?

McClaine: Yes sir

Avery: It's "yes ma'am"

McClaine: Oh

(Avery helps McClaine get down and back into his chair)

McClaine: Taaaaaaaaaaain too.

Avery: Your welcome

McClaine: welcome


Avery asked for animal crackers with mustard for an after school snack yesterday.

I gave it to her.


I am so thankful to be back in an organized Bible Study. I am learning much about contentment and satisfaction. In this season of my life I feel like I am an Israelite wandering around the wilderness, grumbling and wishing for the "promised land." I feel like the Lord is doing a big work on my heart in the areas of thanksgiving, contentment, satisfaction and finding purpose and vision in the place He has me now.


Keeping up with the laundry and dishes for a family of five is challenging. Especially when my hot water heater has been broken for 5 days.


Picking up dog poop is horrible.

This makes it worth it.


Will you please pray for my ITP? It is a platelet condition that I had when I was pregnant with Audrey, and it is back. Please pray that the Lord would stabilize and even raise my platelet count. My count should be between 150,000-400,000 and it is currently around 113,000.

Here's the new babe


My awesome husband just installed a new hot water heater.


Mark Salinas said...

Very nice! Thanks for sharing!Have a fun filled, family weekend! ;)

Carol said...

Crackers and mustard? Not a combo I have tried.

Adorable sibling conversation.

We were without hot water for 6 days couple of months ago and the only thing I could keep up with was the laundry because the washing machine heats its own water.

Shall keep you in my prayers, I had never heard of that condition before and then both you and Krystyn have it in the same week? Hope you both are in good numbers soon.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Baby looks so cute :) You'll be in my prayers.

And did Avery bring the mustard to school for her animal crackers?

Mandy said...

How sweet your children's dialog is! Awww!! And the mustard thing...hmmm....

I will keep you in my prayers.

I like this Friday Fragments thingy!

Threeboys1mommy said...

I'll definitely keep you in my prayers. I look perpetually pregnant too. All the tops that look like maternity wear, don't help either.

anti-supermom said...

Hey, I didn't know you were pregnant, how awesome! Congrats and I will be praying for you and baby.

I've had 2 pregnancies in a row, so I feel for you.

Jenn P. said...

LOL at crackers and mustard! Thanks for sharing and what fun pictures!

Susan said...

I HATE picking up dog poop too. You poor thing having no hot water. That is the pits! Glad it is now fixed.
I will keep you in my prayers with the ITP situation.

By the way, you can now officially "follow" me!

Collegegirl said...

Oh goodness, mustard and crackers. What a combination. Oh and by the way, I am at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. Thanks for the congrats and have a wonderful weekend!

amanda said...

animal crackers and mustard huh? guess i will add that to my grocery list :)

the new babe is too cute!!

sending lots of hugs and prayers :)

amelia bedelia said...

that precious sonogram picture!!! oh, I remember how excited I used to get looking at them! that's great! and your children are cuties!

Anonymous said...

Your baby is beautiful and you're both in our prayers!

Haven't exactly been There with the mustard/ cracker snack, but I've been you know, there, plenty often enough to high five you for picking your battles. :o)

We're starting a new bible study too. When we finished Beth Moore's Daniel study I was feeling so great. Then 3 weeks off and I started to feel the hole in me that only the Word can fill up. Thrilled to be in the swing of things again.

Blessings, Whitney

Laura said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I will go introduce myself to your friend Christina. You are a sweet friend to her...keep just letting her be whoever she needs to be!

Krystyn said...

Whew! Those were lots of fragments!

I can't wait for sibling conversations! Those are so cute.

5 days without a water heater? I think I would have gone to home depot myself and picked on up!

You know I'm praying for your ITP! My doctor would be happy with your 113,000!!!

I will NOT be trying the new favorite snack at your house. Yuck! Izzy loves to take the mustard out of the fridge and suck on the if you ever come to our house, make sure you bring your own mustard!

Katrina said...

Totally praying for your ITP!! I love your Friday Fragments friend

Wendi said...

*You look great ...what are you talking about?
*I am sorry but the animal crackers ala mustard do not sound appealing.
At. all.
*She is that cute.
*Love that conversation...maam!
*You are a good mama.
*When you understand contentment and satisfaction I hope you will share. For now, I am wandering in the wilderness with you.
*No hot water for 5 days?
I. can. not. imagine.
*How sweet...we have a black lab too.
*Praying for you and baby.
*Hope things are looking UP soon!
*Your husband is a Keeper!!!

Vashey Fam said...

Avery must take after her grandma Greenway who also eats mustard on crackers. What a weird family trait to pass on! I made a little mouse for Audrey out of one of your old shirts. It's olive green with tiny pink rose fabric in the ears . I wish I was going to see you guys soon. I miss you!

Jenny Smucker said...

I know what you mean-- looking pregnant for the last 4 years! I was just telling Brad that in that time period, there have only been 2 months that I wasn't pregnant and/or nursing!

One of my college roommates introduced me to animal crackers and mustard. An interesting, but not terrible, combo.

I'm praying for your health and strength and good rest in this pregnancy.

I love reading your blog! Funny and so interesting! It's a great way to be in touch!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by. I was pregnant 2x in less than 3 years. People asked "You're still pregnant?" No. Pregnant again!

My Bo eats PB & pickle sandwiches.

I think our black lab was a "crack puppy"!

I will pray for your ITP. My pregnancies were always good, I had problems w/ conception & delivery.

4funboys said...

you know the song...

you can do it, you can do it...just put your heart into it!

you can do it... some days are easier than others... but they're all another step in the journey.

as to the prego look-

my baby is 6... and I've still got that prego look... dagnum it!

Mamasphere said...

What a snapshot into your life! Love the Friday Fragments. You have some pretty adorable kids on your hands!

I'll be praying that your platelet count increases to normal levels.