Thursday, October 9, 2008

ATWT- Happy Birthday Avery

Cheaper Than Therapy

She's four. She wrote this. I am amazed. I sounded it out, she said the letters and then wrote them. I just helped her with the "th" sound.


The Mom said...

Wow that is fabulous for four years old!!

amanda said...

yay for the big day!!

happy, happy bday sweet girl!!

LeeAnn said...

Happy Birthday Avery :) Love you big girl!

OptimizeFuel said...

Happy Birthday dear Avery!
You are a very special girl.
Aunt Beth and I love you, Big Time!
Hope your Fancy Nancy Party is Awesome.
Your Uncle Ryan
PS Tactical Kanuvers

Oma and Opa said...

Happy Birthday to our FIRST grandbaby! We love you Avery, and yes, that red cup was one of your dad's!
Rogie, Shirley and Kitzel say Hi too! They want to come to your Fancy Nancy party!!!

Mrs4444 said...

Love that FACE!

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday, Avery!

You are such a beautiful girl...and you can write so well!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Following Him said...

What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday Avery!!!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...


Happy birthday Avery :)

4funboys said...

THAT is FANTASTIC... she can come help out in my first grade class!!!

happy b-day!!!

OHmommy said...


What an amazing 4 year old. Happy birthday Avery!

Krystyn said...

Hooray for the big day! Happy Birthday, Avery! And Happy Birth Day, mommy!

Kristen said...

Happy Happy Birthday Avery!

Love love love that cute freckled face! :)