Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Toddler Days

Dear Avery,
I found a notebook where I used to write down the funny things you said before my blogging days. I wanted to share a few of those funny conversations here, knowing that one day, we will get a kick out of them.

By 20 months, you were pretty eloquent. One day, when I was very pregnant with McClaine, your daddy came home to find a really worn-out mommy. When he asked me how my day was, I said pointing to you, "well this one has been screaming all day." He said, "is that true, Avery?" And you replied, "Yeah. Screaming. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. Big time."

I just found this video of you when you were a new walker. Sorry about the poor quality.

You really like animals, this is a petting zoo that we took you to when you were about 20 months.

Speaking of animals, one time you and your cousin Jacey were sitting on a window sill, Jacey was holding her beaver stuffed animal. You asked her, "what's that?" Jacey said, "it's my beaver." "Nice," you said and walked away.

This is when we went to Cabo San Lucas with daddy and Nanna. Mommy was super pregnant, like 8 1/2 months. But I figured, sure they know how to deliver babies in Mexico!

You have always been pretty sophisticated, see your little tiara? You really think you rule. One time when you were about 19 months, Nanna was babysitting you. Over and over you kept asking her, "Do you understand me?"
This is when we went to visit Oma and Opa, Granny and Gramps in East Texas. See that rash around your mouth? That's because you were allergic to dairy and we didn't know it. You also seemed to have acquired a severe case of altitude sickness when we moved to Vail. You usually puked in the car anytime we drove more than 5 miles. That would be several times a week.

Bless you, child. You were a breeze to potty train! One time you did have an accident on the floor. When daddy asked you, "Avery, why did you go potty on the floor?" You said, "It's what I do!" Gardening with Nanna.
Playing in the pool during my baby shower for McClaine.
This is when your little brother, McClaine, was born. You came to visit us in the hospital and brought your own new baby.
You were and still are, such a sweet and nurturing big sister.
Love you Aves!


Following Him said...

What a sweet post! Can not believe another year has gone by. She is such a sweetheart!!!

Tegan said...

Tyne...what a good Mommy you are. Avery will love to look back on this one day. Did you know that there are companies out there that will print your blog into a book! You probaby know this already. I'm usually two steps behind...

Susan said...

Those pictures are so precious! Avery certainly will enjoy reading all of this when she is older. It certainly communicates the place she holds in your heart.

Krystyn said...

How sweet! What memories you have!

amanda said...

i am sooo loving all these glimpses back into the world of avery!

sooo cute friend :)

McKay said...

"This is my beaver." "Nice." I could not stop laughing at that one!!!