Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't Eat the Hairballs

Chaos, joy and exhaustion continue to be the themes around La Casa Blanca. By 9:30 am yesterday, I had already fed three children, drank two cups of coffee, made 4 beds, folded two loads of laundry, changed 4 nasty diapers, sent one child to school with tangled hair and socks that didn't match, cleaned two bathrooms, unloaded the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher with the previous nights dirty dishes, barely picked myself up from the kitchen floor where I was grumpily wiping up dried, splattered spaghetti sauce, did a grand sweep through the house to pick up random toys that had already left their homes at this wee hour, dressed myself and brushed my teeth.

And I would have laid down, put up the safety gate in the playroom and dozed off to the ever annoying Mickey Mouse Playhouse Theme Song... if it weren't for the knock on the door at 9:40. I opened the cobweb covered front door to reveal an unkempt yard and my realtor, his secretary and another agent who came to bid me and my brood a visit, take a glance and a few pictures of our Little Sanctuary that we put on the market last week.

That's right, friends... we are selling our house! How fun for the 8 month pregnant lady who can barely keep her head on, let alone a tidy house with curb appeal.

The day continues in excitement as McClaine and Audrey duke it out with a cry fest at nap time, go ahead and dirty a few more diapers (note to self: cut back on fiber and fruit for a couple days) and Avery is in a funk when we pick her up from school.

Needless to say, I melted in Caleb's arms when he came home from work and just sobbed. Should have seen it coming... The Lord woke me up at 5:30 am with a heart heavy and prayerful for my children, my attitude and an abundant filling of the Holy Spirit to make it through the day in one piece. Maybe I should have heeded His prompting a little more, maybe I should have been more maliable and compliant, knowing that beseeching the Lord for these things was far more valuable than the 15 minutes of sleep I chose instead.

We have two screech owls that perch in our tree in the back yard at nightfall and make all sorts of commotion for hours on end. I don't know that they are "screech owls," I do know they are owls and they choose to screech every 2.3 seconds for the whole night. They are a mixed blessing I suppose. On one hand they are incredibly annoying and have left my back deck whitewashed with poo, on the other hand, I have yet to see a furry little mouse in my house trying to escape the brutal South Texas cold spells of 60 degrees.

Anyway... so on this lovely day of Chaos, joy and exhaustion, Caleb takes the kids outside to play while he grills up our fajita meat and realizes that there are these weird hairballs in our backyard with bones in them. When he mentions them, I gratefully acknowledge his willingness to remove them from our backyard before Audrey sticks one in her mouth. He says it is too late, she already put a whole one in her mouth. I cry, again. He jokes... I just can't handle the jokes at this point in the day!

**Edit- My child did NOT eat an owl pellet, Caelb was just joking**


Krystyn said...

Oh, gross..owl puke!!! And she ate it. Man, I think they are called owl pellets. We dissected them in high school.

And, a nap, sounds great!

And, selling your house while you are 8 months preggo, you are crazy.

Cassandra Raney said...

Wish I could just come and take the kids for a while so you could nap... what a day. You are a superhero mama for sure. You definately keep my spirits high while I am up to my eyeballs in stinky diapers, gross winter boogies, loads of laundry, and piles of dishes in the sink. Isn't mommyhood glamourous?

Erica said...

Wow, you sound overwhelmed for sure! I know late pregnancy was always exhausting for me! Ok, I think having owl pellets in your yard is slightly neat, but of course having a child eat them wouldn't be and I'm not sure I'd be happy having them screeching all night either!
Hope you have nice relaxing day tomorrow!

amanda said...

oh honey i was tired after just reading the first sentence!!

hugs to you!!

thecarterfamily said...

I love you Tyner. If there is anything we can do to help please let us know.

Sam and Courtney said...

Hey Tyne!

I love reading your blog for many reasons, but the one that sticks in my head is that you aren't afraid to "tell it like it is!" I had one of "those" days this week, so I totally understand your pain (although I only have two kids, am not pregnant and do not have our house on the market!). You're crazy, yet so blessed!


LeeAnn said...

After reading this all I want to do is come over, give you a hug and play with the kids while I attempt to do what you do for a few hours. Since I live so far away I'll just say that I love you and I miss you and I pray for you

Mrs4444 said...

OMGOSH! GROSS. My Kendall last night said, "Well, on the bright side, if we don't have school tomorrow, we won't have to continue our dissection of "owl pellets." Ewww.

Hang in there!! :)

Jen said...

Wow Tyne, I think you deserve a medal after yesterday. I am having trouble just getting motivated and you have just inspired me to get on it! No excuses!

Patois said...

I need a nap just reading this. Hang in there!

Susan said...

Wow, that is one rough day!
You are in my prayers.
I hope peace in the midst of the chaos and storm will wash over you during this time.