Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Girly Version

Yeah... this is the fourth fifth time I have sat down to write this. I am enjoying the serenity and peace of my bedroom with my brand new daughter! Caleb is managing the mayhem in the playroom with the other darlings and mom is at the store (Friday). I am nursing Reece and chicken-pecking at the key board to get this done(Wednesday). I am trying with all my might to get this post up tonight (Thursday)! I hardly believe that MckMama's kids are similar ages to mine and she posts almost everyday.

What a great opportunity to give you the girly version of Reece's birth story and recount some of the memorable moments of the past few days- like an ER visit and McClaine playing Robin Hood with my sitz bath tub.

Monday I got my lab results back and our prayers had been answered... He is so faithful! My platelets were at 102k, right above where they needed to be for an epidural. Since I had been having contractions pretty regularly (about every 45 minutes) and had progressed to over 3 cm, we decided to schedule my induction for Tuesday morning. I called Oma and Opa and they jumped in the already packed car and started their 9 hour trek to the Valley. I made one final trip to Target to grab a gender neutral outfit and a handsome little boy outfit, I just couldn't refuse. By your fourth one, "you know," and I just knew this little one that had made my back ache, my feet swell, my heart burn was a boy.

So I return home to the wonderful, Ami (a loving woman who has adopted my children as her own grandchildren), she and the kids were playing outside while a delicious stew was cooking. Caleb had inventory so he had to work really late (1 am), so Ami fed us, bathed the kids and helped me put them to bed. Then I went to bed to get a good rest in before my induction indulged myself on 15 oreos, a caffeine free Dr. Pepper and three hours of The Bachelor, Final Rose. By midnight, I was in bed with the alarm set for 4 am. Good move, Tyne, way to rest up!

Here I am in the ER, 5 am waiting for them to get my paperwork together. Mmmm... while I am here, I do believe I will have some goodies from these vending machines.I was admitted into my room and they started checking all my vitals, I was having contractions about 5 minutes apart and was 4 cm dilated. The nurse set my iv, hooked me up to the Pitocin at 8 am and my doc came in and broke my water... the rest just took moments it seemed. 8:45 my epidural kicked in and I closed my eyes for about 20 minutes. At 9:20 I told Caleb that he better call the nurse because I felt like the baby had really dropped. When she came in, the baby was on her way out. My doctor, who had returned to his clinic, was paged and ran back to the hospital in time to catch Reece Eloise.

It's a Girl!This was my shock and overwhelming joy when I found out quatro was a girl.Before her bath, all foamy in the mouth. She was grunting with every breath. After her neonatal check, it was determined that she had some fluid in her lungs and after several hours, she had absorbed the fluid and was breathing normally.After her bath, hanging out with daddy. Would you like to see a more recent picture of my sweet 9 day old? Oh you would? Could you please come take one and download it and post it for me? At the rate I am going, she may be three months before you hear from me again!

Yes, life has been wild, as you may have suspected. Reece almost slept through the night on Friday, but Audrey was up the whole night with fever and shortness of breath. Caleb took her to the ER on Saturday and was there for almost 7 hours. She had bronchitis, so in the midst of caring for a newborn and two healthy kids, we have been doing nebulizer treatments with Audrey...

Giving McClaine a perfect opportunity to sneak off and play with all of the lovely postpartum accessories like a peri-bottle, a sitz bath tub and maxi pads galore. I wish I had captured it in a photo, but imagine our delight when he came into the playroom with half a dozen maxi pads stuck to him, a peri-bottle in one hand and a sitz bath tub in the other. He was pretending that the tub was his shield and the bottle a sword.

Yes, it is a constant adventure around these parts... A moment of peace, Grey's Anatomy in 2 minutes and I am hitting "PUBLISH" without proof reading, or you may not read this until Monday!


Krystyn said...

She's a doll! That sure was a fast delivery!

Yay for the platelets being up!!! Woohoo!

I'm sure things will settle down and you'll find your rhythm.

Shannon said...

What a beautiful baby girl. Congrats on little quatro. :)

Susan said...

Wow, that WAS fast!
Congratulations again! Even if it is 3 months from now, I can't wait to see some more pics.
Hope things settle down a little bit and everyone is able to stay healthy around your house.
If I was closer I would definitely be ringing your doorbell to come take pictures of sweet Reece for you.

Following Him said...

ADORABLE little one. Seriously! You have talent and MckMama is just wonderwoman...Grey's was so worth no spell checking tonight :) Hope Miss Audrey feels better and quatro sleeps well.

Elaine A. said...

I think that's so funny that you were convinced she was a boy! HA!

Congratulations again, she's just precious! : )

LeeAnn said...

So completely thrilled for you, she is beautiful :)

Myra said...


Sam and Courtney said...

Congrats Tyne! You and Caleb make beautiful babies, that's for sure (maybe you should have another one!) :) I love reading your blog, and I'm already looking forward to your next post!


The Knauss House said...

Tyne - This is hilarious! It sounds like your household if full of love and adventure!! Can't wait to meet little miss Reece in August! Take care - Amber

Erin said...

Tyne I have missed you and the funny tales you share. I am so happy for your family. What a joy this little one is going to bring to you all. :)

Kristen said...

Congratulations!!! So exciting and what a wonderful story! I love the picture of you surprised! I am sure that made all the waiting worth it!

Congrats again, and she is so cute!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

She's a so lovely--and what a fast delivery! I love the shot of you finding out the sex--you look soooo HAPPY!
Hope Audrey feels better and the house finds a nice calming rhythm!

Anti-Supermom said...

The fourth one really did almost fly out?! Wow. So, that will be what I'm completely expecting BTW.

She is just beautiful. Hope you are getting bits and pieces of rest.

Erica said...

Congratulations! I'd missed your birth annoucement! She is adorable and you definitely have your hands full! I'm so glad you had such a quick and easy birth! Praying that you have a wonderful week with all your little ones!

Vashey Fam said...

Tyne, you always stick out so far in those final moment pics. It makes my back hurt just looking at them! I am so glad she is finally here!

Chelle said...

I LOVE a good birth story!

She is beautiful! And don't worry about us. We'll all wait for things to settle down.


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Congratulations! What a precious little girl! I love her name. Reece is on my list of possible names.