Friday, May 1, 2009

Context Clues

I am loving the way that Avery is putting things together in her brain. She uses context clues to form new understanding of concepts...

"Daddy, look at this. I can talk English without talking." = sign language.

"Mommy, remember when we made that town with streets and signs out of cardboard and lead based paint?" Lead based paint= off limits= the messy tempera paint that I only let them use in the garage or outside.

"I know what a 'contact' is. It's when you go to Mars and you're underground and then you lost him, 'cause you lost contact."

"Let's draw the picture of when Jesus died on the cross and then He came back to life and then He made Reecey in your tummy."

While playing with the water hose, "look out McClaine, it's a shower meteor."

In the context of the rest of the kids, she is so grown-up, so smart. That's why I loved when I went to check on her at nap time and found this:


Katie W said...

That is the SWEETEST picture :) Avery is seriously one of the funniest people I know! And so imaginative-loved the meteor shower! :) Hulu is great, there are just a few commercials, but they're very brief, and the quality is really good. No ABC shows there, at least not yet.

Oma said...

I love that baby girl.

OHmommy said...

awwww... she is SO smart to make those awesome connections. seriously. MIT look out!