Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Wisdom

Howdy. I am feeling a little Aggie today, as in agricultural. What with taking a moment to tell you about Reece chomping on zinnias and Avery sitting contently for almost an hour and hulling purple hull peas.

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. On the way home from church today, Caleb asked McClaine what he learned about.

"God, Jesus and Pirates." Excellent.

Then Avery chimed in and told Caleb that he needed to stop and get the mail and when Caleb told her that the mailman didn't bring mail on Sunday, she asked why.
"Well," Caleb replied, "God worked hard for 6 days and then he took the day off..."
"Dad, I already know that," she snapped.
"Oh really, what did God do on the 7th day?" Caleb challenged.
"Well He didn't deliver the mail!"
In my fervent attempt to minimize the number of children in diapers in my household, I decided this weekend to start potty training Audrey while toughin' it out with McClaine. Then she peed on the floor twice and on Oma and Opa's couch. Hmmm. Maybe she's not quite ready to pull the trigger yet.

And you certainly remember me telling you about the many jars of peach preserves that we came home to? Yes, I have managed to eat three pieces of buttered toast with this smeared all over it every morning this week.I also find that a delightful way to finish off each day is with a big bowl of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla and sliced peaches.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I finally finished putting away all the laundry from our trip to Colorado yesterday...

and then began taking it out again to pack for our trip to the Ft. Davis Mountains for Bloys' Camp Meeting.

I love Camp Meeting.

The minor problem now is that I have to pack for 6 people and 2 seasons because you never know what the weather is going to do. I have resolved to put an end to the once a year fashion show because it just isn't practical to change every child and myself three times a day. That and the fact that this buttered toast with Peach goodness only allows a select number of my outfits to fit!!!


Follow the wisdom of God and Mailmen nationwide, and have a restful day!


Katie W said...

How many peaches do you have? A million?? Even being out in California with my abundant access to delicious fresh produce, I am insanely jealous. There is just nothing better than a good Texas peach-particularly if it comes from Fredericksburg.

I love Audrey's painted fingernails, by the way. So cute!

I'm about to pack up myself for the most wonderful week of the year-I kind of miss the days when Lizzie and I would take a big shopping trip the weekend before so we'd have "just the right outfits" for every day and night of the week :)

Margarita said...

Man, all those fruits and veggies look yummy! Avery's comments are GREAT!

Anna said...

We're working on packing now too and I just feel like there are so many things (especially baby related items) that we have to bring - I can't imagine doing that for 6! Hope you guys have a great trip out! Josh, Claire and I look forward to seeing you!

amanda said...

purple peas?? yummo!! and the peaches?? i am totally coming over!!

ps the balloon lighting looks so fun!

McKay said...

I was always amazed at the wardrobe required for your Camp Meeting! Props for your fashion boldness - going against the norm. :-)

Mrs4444 said...

I really enjoyed this post. Sweet in many ways :)