Monday, October 12, 2009

4 Vials of Blood and Happy Birthday, Swanee

This post is going to seem like it is all over the map. Just a minor glimpse of the reality of my life.

This morning Reece and I went to the lab for another attempt to collect enough blood to complete the genetic testing. Since
Friday's attempt was completely unsuccessful, we went to a different lab. So the lab technician tried to get a good poke in her hand twice, her arm once, and after that failed, she pricked her finger twice and collected four vials of blood. One stinkin' drop at a time. Reece is a TROOPER. Really, it took about 45 minutes of her squirming and crying in my lap to gather that sample. So now we wait. Maybe up to four weeks, setting our alarm clock every night for those late night snacks.

Follow me. We are changing subjects- completely.

My Avery girl turned five on Friday. And unlike most five year olds, she wanted a Swan Lake Birthday Party. So we flooded the backyard, brought in two real swans and had a string quartet playing Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake in the gazebo decorated with tulle and white lights and Oma made the most delicious "Swanee" cake.

Scrumptious, moist, buttery yellow cake with fluffy "seven minute" frosting and topped with coconut. I have had two pieces since I started this post.

She makes the coolest cakes from these books that she has had for years. The kids love looking through them and picking out the cake that they want her to make. I love to look through them because she has little notes stating that she made a certain bunny for Margaret's third birthday, a clown for Leigh's fourth birthday, or a airplane for Caleb's fifth. How fun that she is now adding her grand kid's cakes to these books.

Here's a collage to capture the fun of the Swan Lake Birthday Party~



Mrs Montoya said...

That party is precious. What a cool concept!?!? Makes me think my kids are awfully unsophisticated for choosing things like Star Wars and princesses :) The book is absolutely priceless. What a great treasure to have . . .

Krystyn said...

What a fun party and a yummy looking cake.

The blood work sure stinks. I hope it's just the doctors being overly protective.

Erica said...

That looks like a perfect little girl party, I bet she felt special!

I donated blood the other day and the worst part was the darn finger prick, poor thing I can't imagine having to donate 4 vials that way!

Patois said...

I'm glad she managed to give up the blood.

I love the whole party and cake and cookbook. Wonderful.

Loukia said...

Good luck with the results from the blood work... sorry you and your baby had to go through that. I hope and pray for good results. Stay strong!

And your daughter's birthday looked so wonderful... what a beautiful cake.. no doubt it tasted amazing, too! :)

LeeAnn said...

What a great cake, go Aunt Mona! Glad to hear Avery had such a sweet birthday, wish I could have helped celebrate!

We are praying for sweet Reecey and you as you go sleepless. It is easy to remember that as I go sleepless too ;) Thanks for the update

Vashey Fam said...

That was one of the greatest b-day parties ever! I ate two pieces of cake as well. Avery, you are such a classy little girl. Thank you for the beuatiful dancing!

Aunt Leigh