Thursday, October 29, 2009

In Keeping with the Robin Hood Theme

I'm not a fan of the philosophy of distribution of wealth, but it seems that the good Lord has pulled a little Robin Hood maneuver for us. Today, I picked up the mail and there was an envelope, with an unsigned, totally blank card and enough cash to sustain us for a time.

Just when I think we are down to our last dollar, God is faithful to provide- He always does, not always through cash in the mail, so don't get any ideas about raiding our mailbox.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the tender ways that you provide for the birds of the air and the babes in our care!

Somebody else is rockin' the Robin Hood theme this weekend too.

McClaine was so excited about his Halloween Party at Mother's Day Out that he couldn't go to sleep last night. After my fifth attempt to keep him in bed, I finally gave way to my own exhaustion and stuck him in bed with me until Caleb came to bed.
"Mom, I Robin Hood!"
"You are a great Robin Hood, McClaine."

"What Jack gonna be tomorrow?" His mind racing over the possibilities of what his little friend would parade as. "Maybe a fireman, maybe, hmmm... spider man?"

Turns out Jack was a cowboy, and a precious one at that!

I had aspirations to curl and style Snow White's hair this morning, but alas, cubing 3 pounds of turkey and ham for the party, put the stylist a little behind schedule! Praise God, he also blessed us with some heavy humidity this morning to do the job for me.

We really are learning to depend on the Lord in this season, and in His wonderful faithfulness, He continues to pour out His blessings.


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Margarita said...

I loved this post and pics. I smiled and laughed as I read it! They are such cuties!!

Katie W said...

What a lovely Snow White and adventurous Robin Hood! They're impossibly cute!

Katrina said...

That is amazing!

Patois said...

Glad that everything you need is coming your way. I hope it continues.