Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flower Contection

McClaine: "Mom, look at the flower."

Me: "Yeah, I think that is an azalea."

Avery: "No, that is a rose."

Me: Actually looking at the flower this time, "you're right Avery, that is a rose."

Avery: "I am very good at flower contection."

Me: "At flower what?"

Avery: "You know, contection."

Me: "At flower identification?"

Avery: "No, mom. I have skills. Skills at knowing about what flower is what. That kind of skills."


The Griffin Family said...

You have the funniest kids around! I just love to hear their stories! I have been thinking often of you lately. I'm thinking it must be time for another get together. What do you say?

Mrs Montoya said...

I do love a kid with skills. Good for her. Super cute post, Tyne. I needed something lighthearted tonight. Perfect!

McKay said...

LOL!... You know... like bowhunting skills... computer hacking skills... nunchuck skills....

Krystyn said...

Sounds like he totally does have skills! Hilarious.

Amanda said...

Mad skilz ;)