Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Girls Weekend Gone Wrong

I had been planning this get away for months, since LeeAnn (my sweet cousin in-law, dear friend and the one who I am indebted to for setting me up with Caleb) called and told me that she and her babe, Madeline, would be coming to visit from Montana.

I have been waiting six months to snuggle that little precious one.  Seeing her coo on their blog and the snapshots on facebook just isn’t sufficient when you are in love with a little precious one. We had big plans… I was going to pick her up in Dallas, have lunch with our friend Adrianne and then drive over to College Station for a weekend of fun with sweet friends- with just our little babes in tow.

And it did start that way.  Lunch at La Madeline’s with my girl Adrianne-

February '10 300-1

Then we drove to College Station and picked up Pho John’s and went by my brother’s house to meet my new niece, Lenna Marie!  Squeeeeeeeeeeel!  She is so precious.  And I would have taken pictures to demonstrate, but cramming our faces with Pho and keeping Reece from climbing all over her one week old cousin left little time for photography.  After that, I dropped LeeAnn and Maddie at our friend Christine’s house and headed to my friend, Lisa’s house.

I love Lisa.  And I love her even more after this weekend.  We met in college and she cracks me up with her great sense of humor and fun attitude.  As a mother of three, she does a little decorating on the side and her house looks like it is straight out of Southern Living.  Which is a blessing to indulge in her lovely and comfortable linens, and a curse when you have to kindly ask for a non-monogrammed towel when the stomach flu strikes at four am.

Reece made a moaning whimper from the pack and play beside me, and when I picked her up, I heard the churning and made a bee-line to the bathroom.  She was sick all day, until I put her down at about 7 pm and then proceeded to get sick myself- all night long.  The only thing worse than being sick with the stomach flu is being sick hundreds of miles from your own bed.  Lisa was so accommodating and loving- washing our clothes and sanitizing behind us.  Even so, we left at least 1/2 her family with the same bug that we graced her with.  Love you, Lisa.

It really stunk not to get to meet up with all my friends and hug my sweet nieces in College Station, but by Saturday morning I was REALLY ready to head home.  When I got home I crashed and slept for hours.

On Sunday, the weekend redeemed itself with a sweet shower for Maddie and LeeAnn.  Leigh made a DELICIOUS cake with “more than seven minute” frosting (really, who was timing when that recipe was first invented?  Surely, they didn’t have electric hand-mixers… maybe they didn’t have clocks, either.  It would be easy to lose track of time when you are mixing goodness over a double-boiler).

February '10 302-1

February '10 304-1

February '10 306-1

I love these two girls, it makes me want to cry long and hard that they don’t live here in Texas.  Since they went ahead and picked up that dreaded flu, our week of fellowshipping and long pinochle games was cut short and that really makes me want to cry.


Elaine A. said...

Aw hon, SO sorry you all got sick. That is THE worst. At least you had some good times. Many hugs to you! (you know, virtual ones!) :)

poehl family said...

oh, so sad for you guys and the tummy bug. so sad for me, that i missed time with you! here is too another girl's weekend without sickness!! xoxo love you.

McKay said...

So sad!!!