Monday, April 12, 2010

Backwoods Breakdown


I nearly had a breakdown today.

McClaine snuck into my bed at the crack of dawn, snuggled up, snoozed and then proceeded to pee all over me and the bed.  So I got up and changed the sheets, bathed him and then spent the next hour playing a short order cook for four children.  And dressing them, and playing out in the yard, and washing sheets, and catching up on other laundry and washing dishes.  It’s all good and fun, but totally exhausting.  So by lunch I am tuckered out.  Add the symphony of crying in the background and I find myself constantly begging the Lord for mercy and endurance and love and patience. 

I don’t know what it is about a five year old, a three year old, a two year old and a one year old alternating screaming and whining ALL the live long day, but it wears me out.

Reece has mastered the technique of shrill screaming to get my attention.  For everything.

One lil’ one was constipated and cried for 45 minutes until the suppository kicked in.

And for those of you who have not had to administer a suppository to a toddler, you just can’t relate with my pain.

And don’t even ask me why I gave Reece her dinner in a glass bowl tonight.  I must have been delirious to think that it would stay on her tray and not be thrown to the ground and shatter in a million pieces.


I bet you would rather I Breakdown our Backwoods Weekend than have a Backwoods Breakdown.

We worked on the garden all weekend.  Rather, they did- weeding, tilling, planting, watering.

The thick, yellow pollen induces wheezing and sneezing in me, so I mostly spent the weekend changing out clothes for the summer!  I really love switching out clothes, there’s something wonderful about pulling out that huge tub and looking through the memorable outfits.  By the way, I really don’t recall putting clothes away in such sad shape.  Do spit-up stains get darker while in storage? 

*Robin, are you reading this?  Thanks so much for the loads of hand-me-downs for the girls!  Do you recognize any of the clothes in these pictures?*


The Backwoods are great for swinging high.


McClaine was down-right heartbroken that he couldn’t bring his new pet to bed with him.

Poor guy, toads just don’t belong in the house.

How cool is it that Caleb is teaching himself how to play the violin/fiddle? 

Who ever thought that this Backwoods boy would teach himself Amazing Grace and Tennessee Waltz through YouTube videos on his iPhone?  

He’s such a refined and technologically savvy hick!


Mandy P said...

Oh, how I feel your pain!!!!!!!! I'm sorry you had a rough day. LOVE the new look of your blog, BTW. Great header!!


Vashey Fam said...

I love the phrase "symphony of crying". I understand. I am totally amazed by Caleb's learning the violin the way he is. I forget how gifted he is with music. Someday sooner than later, YOU are going to discover a hidden talent too.......someday when you have the time, right? :o)

Jan G. said...

Hi Tyne!
I am so refreshed by your honesty on motherhood! It is by all means, the hardest job ever! I know God cares even about the little details of our lives and Mommy's who need a break from time to time! Wish you were still here in the Valley so we could share more often!
hugs to the kiddos!

Patois said...

I think it is unbelievably cool that Caleb is learning to play an instrument. Wow. Now, here's hoping the practicing doesn't sound like a fifth kid screeching along.

Jenny said...

Love the account of your weekend! I'm opposite of you-- digging through all those tubs of clothes stresses me out. I wish I could justify going and buying new things every time my kids need something! Alas. And yes, those stains get much darker as they sit in dark tubs! But try this for most of them: get the outfit wet, sprinkle OxiClean powder on the stain, and spray the powder with water. It'll suck most of them out!

Page said...

Hey girl - you are definitely in the trenches! Hope you feel God loving on you through it all...
By the way, you are seriously working it out with that photo-shop action! Great pics! :)

Jennifer said...

Tyne, I love your blog! You remind me that it's human to be crazy when you're a mom. Thanks for being my inspiration!