Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekends Away Are Good

There’s no doubt I missed the kids and my husband while I was at the Renegade Craft Festival and Junking at some hot spots in Austin.  But let me tell you, Chuy’s is super delicious when you don’t have to feed a bunch of toddlers and can indulge on salsa and chili rellenos while they are still hot.  And I have yet to put up pictures of the wonderful things that caught my eye while away, I just can’t find the time to edit pictures when this is right outside.berry 029

Not really the slugs, but the brambles of berries that are fun to pick and good to eat.May 20103Caleb told me that he took the kids out to pick blackberries and mulberries this weekend and collected almost a gallon of them.  Then after they consumed more than half, he started to make jam with the rest.  So after a very relaxing weekend that was free of diapers changing and nose wiping, I was very motivated to get out in the brambles myself.


This tree in our driveway is miraculous to me.  I look at these gorgeous flowers on this tree, and the kids and I give thanks and praise to God for the wonder of His creation.  I think it is called the Aster Florette Champagne Tree.  May 20102

We also have some raspberries beginning to show up in our garden, just enough for Avery to eat three.  She liked them just fine!May 2010 Lavender is shooting up by the foot high basil.

berry 020 Grapes are growing.berry 019

And squash is blossoming.berry 021 I love love love the summer!


Penny@FOSTER2FOREVER said...

Wow! I wish I had time to have a garden. Looks delicious!

Krystyn said...

Oh, those berries look heavenly.

And, next time, you must warn me if you are going to talk about Chuy''s not right!