Tuesday, July 13, 2010

He’s Got Nice Buns

From the moment the first one melted in my mouth, when we were still just engaged, I have been smitten for her rolls.  Caleb’s grandma makes the fluffiest, butter melting-ist rolls in the world.  When he saw that I crammed five of them down during one of my first meals at her house, he thought it would be easy to convince me to learn how to make those scrumptious sourdough rolls.  After all, wasn’t this the woman who wooed him with a rib eye steak aside crab claws and fresh sautéed asparagus?  Surely she could whip up some dinner rolls.

But the kids came and with them the laundry and the dishes and the constant food preparation and I just couldn’t get myself to “feed the starter” every blessed week.  Weren’t four children, three dogs and a cat enough to feed?

So he took it on himself, and it gives me all the more reason to celebrate the goodies that HE whips up, from cinnamon rolls to pluckin’ bread to homemade jalapeño cheese hot dog buns.

He’s got nice buns.

The grown-up version, we named the Texas Style Dog (because we were lacking all the toppings for a proper Chicago Style)- a jalapeño cheddar bun topped with goodness from our garden, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, grilled pepper and mustard. The Asian Cabbage Slaw on the side is also with cabbage and green onions from our garden.  Don’t you love summer?

And the kid friendly dog, plain ol’ bun and a good dousing of Ketchup.

My Caleb, he’s got nice buns.

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McKay said...

I love the Texas-style dog! I'm always sad when I don't have the fixin's for a Chicago dog, but this just might be a sufficient substitute!

Amy said...

holy cow those look amazing. I'm really wanting some hot bread now.

Mona said...

They were amazing!

Katrina said...

Simon would love that dog!

Patois said...

Under no circumstances should I have read this before eating breakfast. I am simply salivating.