Friday, July 9, 2010

The REAL Cause of Sleep Deprivation

People say that newborn babies cause sleep deprivation for parents. And I can testify, I have lived through it- four babies in five years will cause a woman to become highly dependent on coffee. But there is a new caffeine that is seriously messing with my REM.May 2010 100 Coffee Shop tutorial using the free action, coffee shop attic vintage and this free texture

I am pretty certain that sweet Rita over at Coffee Shop is serving up triple shots of espresso, because I cannot sleep. I cannot get off her blog. It is totally addicting. And unlike Starbucks, she is whipping out these fantastic creations for FREE. Free people. Can you imagine Starbucks passing you your Venti Cinnamon Dolce Latte for free? Neither can I. But I have not had coffee since 8 am, it is 16 hours later and I am still going. And that is after an exhausting day that included four rambunctious children and a few loads of laundry.

She has dozens of PS actions, brushes, frames, storyboards and tutorials that are sooooo great! This was my caffeine fix for tonight-

June 2010 105 wyatt old school newspaper

I couldn’t resist giving Wyatt the Coffee Shop Vintage News action since he is sporting this old school tie. And while I was at it, I applied the same action to these two pictures (the first one of the kids is SOOC and the second one of Caleb is edited, but I can’t remember what I did)-


So after using the Coffee Shop Vintage News on all three of these pictures, I used this awesome storyboard, created by Rita over at Coffee Shop and inspired by Shadowhouse Creations.

Check it out. I am totally pumped.

old school frame

And totally sleep deprived.


Jeff said...

Very cool, we need to get the photo shop!

Mona said...

These are great!