Sunday, September 26, 2010


DSC_1544lml photo courtesy Laura LeBlanc Photography

Caleb had to pick the kids up a little early the other day.  Upon arrival, he saw a classroom full of students working diligently and quietly in their desks.  Avery’s teacher greeted him and told him, “Avery came up with a very big word.  Today we were sharing words that begin with b and hard a.  The students went around the room and shared words like bat, bad, back.  Avery’s word was ‘banished.’”  She continued by joking, “I was just wondering how she would have learned that at home?”

When Caleb asked her about her word while they were driving home she said, “banished means you banish something.  Like if a cat comes sneaking in the door and jumps up on your white bedspread with muddy feet, she should be banished from the house.”  She also told him that after she said ‘banished’ all the kids just looked at her like “what the?”

What a blessing it is to have Avery and McClaine in such a fine school where they are being challenged and taught to THINK!  I so desire for my children to be life-long learners and this school has really given them a great start.  Not to brag (because really I have been working with her on reading for a couple years now and it just wasn’t clicking), but by the second week she was reading, could spout off the planets and their order from the sun, recite poems about traffic safety and recite several Bible verses.

It is such a treat to see your children growing in knowledge and wisdom, perhaps I won’t banish them!


Margarita said...

Way to go Aves....Awesome picture too!

Vashey Fam said...

Wow Avery! Cool beans! Oh by the way, Wyatt especially liked the lesson you taught him on traffic safety!

Loukia said...

That is great for sure. I love seeing my child learning the things he learns in school - he comes home and he surprises me sometimes, with thinks like writing letters, etc. So amazing. Beautiful picture, by the way!

Patois said...

I love this story! And she looks great.

McKay said...

That is so WONDERFUL! I can't wait until Rob and my future kids are awesome smart-y learners!