Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Insert “Snuggling With My Honey in a Tranquil Field”

Camp Meeting 196

Way back when, two months or so ago, I read in someone else’s blog a tip to increasing traffic to your blog.

  • Post often
  • Post about things that inspire you
  • Always start your posts with a captivating picture

Why in the world would I allow that to taunt me every time I sit down to capture the glorious moments in my life?  Always start your posts with a captivating picture?  That kills me, because that means finding my camera and the cord to connect and download pictures and then I just can’t leave good enough alone and I open photoshop and by this time I forgot what inspired me to blog.

Like my sweet Reecey eating handfuls of mud on a gorgeous autumn day in fall.  Or the sweet pride that wells up in my heart when I hear my children recite God’s Word from memory.  Or watching my talented sister in law transform a cheap garage sale wingback into a throne for someone special’s upcoming 6th birthday…

And really, do I really want to increase traffic to my blog?  Do I not have enough “traffic” in my life as it is?   It would make me feel committed to post regularly and then I would be trying to come up with captivating pictures.

When all I really want to do is sit and breathe deep the smells of freshly bathed children in slumber and rejoice in how incredibly blessed I am.  Or run off to some sun-kissed field with my husband and enjoy some good grown up conversations and smoochin’.  Praise God that my friend Laura captured this photo and edited it, so I can go on in and steal one last kiss from my snoring kids.


Tegan said...

LOVE this picture!!!! You all are so beautiful inside and out!

Anna said...

Beautiful picture! You guys both look great!!!

LeeAnn said...

My dearest Tyner,

No worries on the phone call or the text, I love you whether we communicate or not... I suppose blogs will get us by until Thanksgiving. We should try to have our men hang out with our kids for a few hours and make an escape for some quality girl time.

I love this picture of you and Caleb, it looks like you guys were cracking up over a joke a few moments before the picture was snapped. Also love the editing, beautiful.

Miss you friend!

Katie W said...

Oh, I love your posts so much Tyne! They are always full of wisdom, humor, and heart :) And I personally think all of your photos are captivating!

This shot of you and Caleb is stunning! You both look amazing! Also a bit like you were just sharing a joke.

P.S. I thought Avery's "throne" was amazing! You'll have to send me the link to your SIL's Etsy shop-I feel like maybe you've mentioned it before?

Definitely look Lizzie up on FB! She was a late joiner, but of course has approximately 50 times as many friends as me already. They haven't uploaded any formal photos yet, but you should be able to see the pics from other people.

Elaine A. said...

This post says it all and I really should print it out and read it every day. And that photo is perfection. :)