Friday, December 10, 2010

When The Christmas Season Seems to Fly


It was just last week we were soaring, short-sleeves, giving thanks and smoking turkey.AudreyDecember comes with a cold-snap and we celebrate the third birthday of our third child. 
She delights our souls with her sweet choruses of a classic, “Honah Donna had a forest, eeee eye eeee eye oh! 
And a moo moo here and a moo moo there.  Honah Donna had a forest, eeee eye eeee eye oh!”

She is really growing up.  And though her conversations are heavily seasoned with the ever curious, “why?  why?  why?”
She is maturing into her mother’s girl everyday. “Momma, can you please hand me a wiping towel?  Thank you, that was so helpful.” scan0001

December also gives us an opportunity to rejoice in God’s gift of marriage.
I am so thankful for this man God has blessed me with. 
He is kind, funny, considerate, noble, a great leader, a humble servant and wonderful father to our children.
He lives with purpose- to serve God, to love his wife and to teach his children, intentional and joyfully sporadic.


December also brings lights.  Lights everywhere and the fast fury of collecting gifts and packing for road-trips to Colorado.
The smell of fresh pine, the sound of Bing Crosby, decking the halls.

I am trying to find a healthy balance to the chaos and anxiety of the “holidays” and finding the peace of Christmas through the Prince of Peace.
It helps to take my eyes off the lights and fix them on the Light of the World, Jesus.

Dec 077-1

We have been quietly devoting ourselves to receive the coming king every night through the help of Ann Voskamp’s Jesse Tree Journey.

It is good to wait for Him, when the Christmas season seems to fly.

*photos courtesy of Jeff Grissom and Jon Vashey


Laural Out Loud said...

I love your stained glass Joseph/Mary/Jesus figures! I'm going to keep my eye out for something like that now. Oh, and I've been hearing so much about the Jesse tree these last few years. I might try it next year.

Vashey Fam said...

I've been telling Wyatt the story of baby Jesus and having him pick up the figures and act it out. He's really getting it! I am so glad I have a sister-in-law that teaches her kids about Jesus! You are awesome and an inspiration to us all Tyne!