Monday, March 21, 2011

When You Are Three

There’s no doubt in my mind that 3 is one of my very favorite ages.  Growing out of the temperamental phase and full of imagination and vigor, Audrey’s little antics constantly have me chuckling. 

And I love that technology helps me to capture those moments word for word.  When she starts going on a little ramble about princesses and teachers turning into mean people and getting healed by Jesus and then they get married, I hit that little voice memo on my phone and catch every precious word. 

This was a recent ramble that I caught:

Audrey: I am having two babies in my tummy with lots of color in there. The boy oneses is Caleb, the girl oneses Sagey. Tomorrow I will have my babies.

Me: Audrey, who is your husband?

Audrey: Caleb

Me: Okay, because if you are having babies it is very important to have a husband to help you take care of the babies. You know, to go to work and make money to buy groceries to help you feed your children. And a good daddy to teach your son to be a man and teach your daughter what a good man looks like.

Audrey: My husband is having a dream in my tummy. And what are you doing today?  Sagey is a big girl in my tummy. She is in my belly button. I'm about to have another baby. A big baby when I am about to grow up like you.

My teeth hurt. I'm gonna go inside, my baby doesn't need me.


And when you’re three, and your “teeth hurt,” you can just go inside, because your baby doesn’t need you.


Super Hungry said...

That is too funny. nice post. check out Beth's and my new blog at
hope you all are well

Anti-Supermom said...

Hilarious! Me too, I love what kids say and you're right, having a blog makes it that much easier to remember ;)

Laural Out Loud said...

I love the age three! Kids have such a vivid imagination at that age, the the vocabulary to tell us all about it. I'll have to get that app for my phone- I missed out on recording my daughter, but my son will soon be talking!