Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Are you there? We moved!

IMG 5923

Oh neglected blog, how you have been missed.  I have a lot of catching up to do and yet, I STILL have minor writer’s block.  Perplexing!

We moved into a new *old* house this fall and it has been so fun to set it all up and make it our own.  What a blessing the season of living with Caleb’s parents was.  Our “Life in the Sticks” was precious to me in so many ways and I learned an incredible amount.  I also loved that chance to see my kids natural life nurtured through chickens and gardening and playing in the great outdoor.  However, as the school year commenced, it was all so lovely to wake 45 minutes before the opening bell and make it to school on time, with a brief 4 minute drive.

So, I’m going to hit “publish” and see if this works, more to come soon.


Katie W said...

Yay! Life in the Sticks has returned! :) Missed you so! Btw, is that the front of your new house? It looks absolutely adorable!

Katrina said...

So fun to read your blog again!!

Randolph Coleson said...

You guys are looking good! And yeah, the front of your home looks very lovely. It looks open and inviting, and I hope the inside is attractive as well.

Well, I hope you enjoy blogging once more. Moving takes away a lot of energy, but once you get the hang of the new surroundings, you'll have the time to write once more.

Mrs Montoya said...

Seeing your face always makes me so happy. Truly. It's great to see you back here.