Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday's Mumblings

I tend to mumble in the mornings. Especially monday mornings, so here we go...
~I just made over my blog background using Amanda's fantastic tutorial (more to come on her later). I need some comment feedback, apparently I am having monitor resolution issues. Will you tell me how it looks on your computer? And, will someone please tell me how to tweak the HTML so that my main wrap is narrower? See how the font is running on top of that cardboard thing-a-majigy?

~Mommy and the little girls had a relaxing weekend at home. Amazing how being alone with two children under 1 and 1/2 is relaxing! Ha!

~Audrey is running around the house now screaming her new favorite word, "mine." Where in the world did she learn that?

~Reecey finally learned to smile, really cute smiles, in between her screaming and sleeping.

~According to Avery's report, McClaine caught 14 fish this weekend and she caught 3. They both had an awesome time camping and visiting my dad, PaII. Pictures to come tomorrow.

~I found my new favorite blog. Let me tell you, this lady is awesome as far as generosity- crazy wonderful tutorials on blog background design and 100's of free font downloads. Amanda rocks. This is her blog.
Fan of! Free Fonts. Recipes. Scrapbooking. Photography. Blog Design. Tutorials. Giveaway. Everything you're into!

And this is where you can find all of her awesome fonts.
I get the cutest handwriting fonts at Fonts for Peas!

I almost didn't tell you about this little secret, because it is so cool. But then I thought about how generous Amanda is, and figured I should follow her example and share the love.


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I'm loving Kevin and Amanda too. I've been wanting to do the post title font thing, but honestly, I've been too lazy.

McKay said...

mmmbgmg Monday. I love your new post title font! Actually, the cardboard thing-a-magigy isn't that dstracting - plus, this way you can see what verse it is... upside upside. :-)

Miss Lisa said...

I really like it! Glad you are having a good day :)

amanda said...

love this amanda girl :) maybe it's the name??

really loving the new look and going now to check out her fonts!!

Erin said...

I really like your new look. The cardboard is not too distracting. It is really too cute to be distracitng.

I need to go and check out her fonts. I really like how they have changed the look of your blog.

Jen said...

I think you do a great job on your blog. I wish I knew how to do what you are clearly very talented at! I do love the Kevin and Amanda fonts! Very very fun!