Monday, July 6, 2009

On Being a Happy Mom

These are the things that bring me much delight right now as I navigate the great adventure of motherhood.

Reece~ Snuggling up with her after I nurse her and allowing all Babywise rules to be drowned out by the sweet giggles in her dreamy state. Speaking of which, what exactly do infants dream about that causes that wide grin or occasional whimper?

Audrey~ Not an issue that she was just bathed, dried and dressed in her jammies, she decided to join her sister again in the bathtub, fully clothed. She is in that adorable state between curious toddler and challenging two year old. I love this state, she is trying her darndest to be just like her big brother and sister.

McClaine~ I love that he is emulating so many of Caleb's manly character traits, the love of tools, work and dirt. Although he frequently forgets to talk in his big boy voice. I also love his protective nature over his three sisters, and Zipper, the dog.

Avery~The girl is in a constant state of ensemble awareness. What outfit would best suit this exact situation? She really does change clothes five times a day. What tickles me is that she is keenly aware of my attitude about laundry, and so most times, she will put the outfit that she is finished with away. How very kind is that? She is also marvelling us with her helpfulness. The other night Caleb asked her to get diapers and pajamas for Audrey and McClaine, she brought him the diapers and when he inquired about the pajamas, she said, "I am getting them in the same order my mom does, diapers first and then pajamas."

What makes you happy as a mom? Leave a comment and then go over to Genny's place and read some more on this!


Genny said...

This was so sweet. In the bath with clothes on?....too funny! And come on back by and try the link thing again. I have no idea what happened, but it looks like it's there now. Sorry about that, and thanks for the mention!

Katrina said...

I love to sneak in after my kids are asleep and look at them snooze away. They are in the funniest positions and just so still and silent (that is rare at this house). It melts my heart. I also love to hear Carsen trying to speak in grown up sentences. She is so funny! "Thank you for this dewicious treat mommy!" I love seeing Canon climb anything to see what his big sis is doing. I have such a wonderful family.

amanda said...

awesome post friend!

and loving the little collage pic :)

Genny said...

Just popping by to let you know I got a message about McLinky that it was having problems today and they are resolved now. Feel free to add your url anytime if you want. Thanks again for sharing!

Colette S said...

I would love to know what babies dream about too. I went into my son's room (he is four) lastnight (i check on them like 3 , 4 times a night!) and he was laughing in his sleep. Went to get the cam and he had turned when I got back...but it was just so fun to watch.

Your children are fascinating!

Unknown said...

Their smiles make me happy and watching them play together. Those are the best!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

What a great post! Maybe I need to do this because my 2.5 year old is driving me nuts!

Margarita said...

Man, I sure wish I could get some of those garden goodies!!! Groceries are spendy here!