Monday, August 20, 2007

Avery's Aphorisms (a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation)

Avery is constantly amazing us with her wit.
~Every Sunday she says, "I want to go to big church with you," as opposed to Sunday School. One Sunday, a couple weeks ago, she said as we drove into the parking lot, "Thank you Mommy for letting me go to church with you!" As our friend Bud, a sales pro, says, "your daughter is two and already understands the 'assumptive sale'".
~Giving children choices allows them to feel empowered and the parent to get his/her way (as long as the two choices are approved by parent). Avery has mastered the concept of choices. I told her to come help me with the dishes before we get ready for bed. She replied, "mommy, you do the dishes and daddy and I are going to dance in the garage." She added, "two choices, mommy," while mimmicking my motherly look.
~Caleb told Avery that she had two choices, to go to bed right now, or read a story and then go to bed, she replied, "no daddy, YOU have two choices!"
~Avery eagerly anticipates the arrival of her new sister. She is always asking if the baby is coming today. I tell her that she will come at Christmas. Today I was flipping through the channels and she saw a pregnant lady on the Baby Story. She asked if it was me. I told her that it was a different lady with a baby in her tummy. She said, "oh, that lady's gonna get a baby for Christmas, too."

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