Monday, August 20, 2007

"BED" Time

Avery's new thing is crawling out of her crib and making a pallet on the floor to sleep on. The other night I went in to check on her and she had redressed herself in tights and her dressy "tap" shoes. The next day she was helping me make a grocery list. She wanted noodles, soy milk, cheerios, and a soft bed.


Paxton Cox said...

Wow! You went Blog or bust. Rusty even said wow, Tyne has scrolling pics. Now we got get that! Poor Avery I think that it is time to invest in some beds...1 crib and 1 big girl bed. Is it a girl for sure??? I am so glad that the Dean Monster missed you guys. Whit

Vanessa Houk said...

so cute! I love all the stories. Earlier this week, I saw your rock you slideshow and became had to be on my blog. Love you guys!

Katrina said...

Tyne, I miss you! What a funny girl you have. Soon Carsen will be doing the same thing. I cannot believe you are on #3 :)