Thursday, January 10, 2008

Organized? Yes, but still in my pajamas

So I was checking out the great world of blogs today and saw a great opportunity from Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and Better Today to win a Container Store gift card for $100. Not gonna pass that up!

1. Organize- tired of having to erase pictures off your digital camera to make room for new ones? At the beginning of every month (or more often if your memory card won't hold them), I download all the pics from my camera onto snapfish. All these pics are put into one album (like 12/07). Then I order them right away and pick them up at walgreens an hour later. When I pick them up, I use the pen at the checkout to label the envelope they come in (12/07, for example). This way, if I don't get to get them in an album until my youngest is in college, at least I didn't erase it making room for new pictures.

2. Organize and Decorate- two in one. Tired of beautiful children's artwork falling off your fridge, or trampled in the car? Use part of a wall to hang some twine and clothespins. As your kids create art, hang them on the clothesline! Unlike a corkboard, the art won't be layered over the months or years. When you fill up the line, replace older art with new art and stick the older art in a three ring binder with a different section for each kid.

Can I go shopping now?

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