Wednesday, January 9, 2008


It is 3 pm, I am still in my pajamas... Yes I went to the dry cleaner, the bank and the pharmacy this morning in my pjs. Thankfully, all these stops in my mommy outing were drivethrus, so hopefully nobody noticed that I wasn't dressed in street clothes. Maybe they realized, as I did on the way home, that I hadn't brushed my teeth yet! How in the world are you supposed to remember to brush your teeth when you are trying to load three dependent children in your car along with all the goods- diapers, extra clothes, wipes, snacks, sippy cups, bottles, a pacifier, blankets, burp cloths, etc. Oh wait, unload McClaine before I even start the car because he has ANOTHER dirty diaper. Avery has two left shoes on, back in the house. Not into Dora's Christmas DVD anymore? Back in the house again (not because my kids are so spoiled they get to watch any movie they want in the car, because mommy can't deal with the repeated requests to change the movie that go on for our entire outing). So I finished nursing Audrey right before we started to load the car, and it already seems like it is time to feed her again.

The good news: my kids are darling! McClaine is talking up a storm ( in his own little way) and loves to dance. He has great rhythm and makes these cute gestures- pointing with his fingers and bobbing his head. Avery is great as well- she and I have some great giggling times together. She loves art and playing with her dolls, her latest combination of the two included giving her doll a haircut. Glad it was the doll and not her own hair. Audrey is still snugly and sweet, last night she had a six hour nap! How great is that?

More good news: yes I am still in my jammies, but did you notice my fabulous new blog banner? Yes, I made it and figured it out myself... so I am going to keep experimenting (as long as my trial of photoshop is available) and maybe I will make a business out of it- always an entrepreneur! Here are a couple I am working on:

So thankful... growing, fun marriage; joyful, healthy children; a "new to us" playground gifted to us by friends at church; a homemade lasagna that is thawing as we speak, gifted to us by our adopted Amie; and of course, PAJAMAS. How kind is the Lord?

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Paxton Cox said...

I AM SUPER IMPRESSED!! I had to bring Rusty in to see this spectacular site. I am just comfortable thinking about you in PJ's. When all the chaos has settled you will miss these times. I love you and your laid backness. Whitney