Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a girl can get done...

Caleb and McClaine were super excited about their guys' weekend in Dallas.

I was excited too. After all, it would just be us girls and I could get some recooperation time in since I threw out my back last week. I can get a lot done when it is just the girls. Avery is very helpful, and even though she is interested in my every move, I can at least get my nails polished.

So, Thursday, I spent the whole day lying on the floor in the playroom- totally unable to move. The kids were great, despite the fact that for breakfast they ate peanut butter from the jar and blueberries from the container, for lunch the same, and for dinner- peanut butter crackers. Hmmmm... maybe that is how kids pick up a peanut allergy.

At about 5 o'clock, I loaded them into the car to pick up Caleb from work and drop McClaine and Daddy off at the airport.

What is worse than the new baggage charge that the airlines are hitting us with? REJECTING my son from the friendly skies. Okay, so he is slightly over the lap age, by a couple weeks. But REJECTING him? Now that is just mean. And so crippled mommy begins the weekend in a not so relaxing way.

On Friday, I had THREE babysitters come to my house throughout the day, because I couldn't lift Audrey or McClaine. I also managed to change Caleb's return flight to Saturday night, instead of Sunday!!!

Nothing sweeter than my husband's arrival on Saturday night... except the fact that he took Avery and McClaine to church this morning so Audrey and I could rest.

Do you know how much I got done in those two hours? I slept. Ate breakfast. Laid on the heating pad and enjoyed Isaiah 55 (the Lord keeps bringing me back there). Dyed my hair. Painted my toenails. Took a shower. Self-tanned. Caught up on blogging. Wow. What a woman can accomplish with just one child!

Happy Sunday! Thank you, Lord for bringing Caleb home. It is far better with him here!!!


THopgood said...

Ooooo....that's a bummer! Hope your back is feeling better now! Just scanning through your old posts and your kids are adorable!

Thanks for visiting's nice to "meet" you and I hope to "see" you again soon.

Collegegirl said...

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! So you through your back out and I have back spasms. What is the deal? Hope you are back in the saddle soon!

WoW-you got LOTS done in two hours. Very impressed!

Katrina said...

what were they doing up in my neck of the woods? Hope your back heals super fast. I cannot imagine being a mommy with a hurt back.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

You should have come up to Dallas too--we have some pretty nice salons ;)

Hope your back gets better soon--the house comes to a halt when mommy is not doing well!

Mamasphere said...

You did all of that? I only have one, and I could only manage two, maybe three things off your list. Way to go!

Hope your back is back to normal soon. There's nothing like back pain to keep you down.