Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dolly Does The Valley

Look out, people!

Here she comes.

Dolly is about to Land-Ho and it is going to be good.

Time to prepare yourselves for the hurricane.

So I head to the local HEB to make sure that my hurricane survival kit was complete.

Bottled Water? Check

Canned goods? CheckFlashlights? CheckBatteries? CheckRadio? Check

Oh yes, HEB was packed. There were NO shopping carts or parking spots available. And the windows were ready for Dolly's visitation- all covered in corrugated tin.

It was a virtual Dollywood

And the locals were preparing for the Hurricane. Their shopping carts were full.

Bottled Water? Check

Just in case Dolly wants to stay for the FiestaFood-like items for the family? CheckProtein? CheckDulce? CheckLighting Device? Double Check

Seriously, this is what was in most of the shopping carts.

Board up your windows, people. Get out the sandbags. Here she comes.

Who knows? Colorado girl has never weathered a hurricane. Maybe I have some lessons to learn from the locals.


Susan said...

Good luck going through your first hurricane. I grew up in Miami so I have endured my share. Dolly looks like it won't be too bad except for a lot of rain. Be sure to have lots of batteries for kid stuff since you may not have power for awhile and they will surely get "bored."

Vashey Fam said...

Oh goodness! Grandma and I have been watching the weather channel nonstop! Are the natives getting restless?

Clare said...

I just found your blog today through the mc mommy chronicles...good luck the hurricane! Scary, and hilarious with the shopping carts! Clare

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Please tell us you are OK! I just saw the story on the news.

Anonymous said...

This is how Aggies do hurricanes...

Our last hurricane our power went out for 1 week. I was a month away from my due date. That was the fun part. No water was the not so fun part. We entertained the two kids by getting my husband's old Corps stuff out and letting them play dress up. What they did was pretend to be a couple of WWII soldiers playing poker. They rolled up some paper for cigarettes, got some beer bottles (don't know where they found those) and some cards and sat around a table on the porch. It was hilarious.

My son asked me the other day if I thought another hurricane would come anytime soon and I was like - no, are you crazy? And he told me he liked it when the power was out. Sounds like he's bound for Aggieland.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe!!

Carol said...

Oh goodness that is scary I have never experienced anything like it.

Good to see the locals just take it in their stride. That'll be you in a few years time, eh?

Anonymous said...

Why not comment on your most recent post? I'm Mexican, and this post just spoke to me, quite inexplicably ;) Thanks for stopping in, Oh and if you should find caring for 4, overwhelming I'd be happy to take chocolate- he's my dream dog.