Saturday, August 2, 2008


Oh, I bet you were wondering where I have been. Not raking the lawn and picking up all the tree branches. Not fixing the fence that blew over. Nope. Just playing with the kids. And trying to avoid the thick mosquitoes that are the result of Dolly Does the Valley.

Here's a quick video of Dolly's visit in the early stages. We are great, thanks for your thoughts and prayers for our safety.

We are on our way to Bloys' Camp Meeting this week. No fun guest posting (although that is the hot trend among bloggy connoisseurs), maybe next time I will give my favorite blog friend, McMommy, advanced notice to come visit the White House.

See you next week!


Collegegirl said...

Glad ya'll are okay! Stay cool or try to and lather on the bug spray!

Darleen said...

Good luck with clean-up etc. We survived Isabelle in Virginia quite a few years ago and didn't have electricity for weeks, I so feel your really can appreciate a cup of coffee after that!!! but i'm glad that your okay..

Chelle said...

I'm glad you all are okay!! Hopefully the bugs will clear up soon for you.

Carol said...

Good to hear you have been enjoying your kids.

Glad Dolly was kind to you and you are all safe.

Mamasphere said...

If I had that to deal with, I'd be inside playing, too! I hope the clean-up goes quickly and easily. Glad you're okay.