Friday, September 19, 2008


She stormed out of her room moments after Caleb put her down for a nap, confronted him with hands on her hips, and in the most eloquent, yet sassy voice, said, "This is insane that I have to take a nap right now."
Oh really, Avery, is it insane? No, insane is how you feel when you have three small kids, are pregnant with your fourth, lay down to take a nap and can't sleep because all you can think of are the clothes in the washing machine mildewing, longing to be dried so they don't have to be washed a third time.
Tuesday night, she came in the kitchen just minutes after she said her prayers and was tucked soundly in bed. "I don't like how you are treating me." My reply, "what do you mean, Avery?" "I'm not tired, and I don't like how you're treating me, making me go to bed when I am not tired."
Sweet Girl. Learning how to use her words to express her feelings.

This week has felt so scattered, yet very focused? (That wasn't a typo, I just don't know about that statement). And so I am thankful that the Lord is bringing me into a new stage in my walk with Him. What a blessing to have a personal God, who loves me and cares deeply about my fellowship with Him.
Life as a mommy is so challenging, it is made even more so when I desire to be a Godly mommy. I feel so burdened by caring and nurturing my marriage and my four loves that I often neglect myself. The result- weariness, suffocation, hopelessness and a feeling of disability (not always, but I have definitely not been living the life of a conqueror).
I started my Bible Study this week with Beth Moore's, Believing God. How very refreshing to know that my stagnant faith can be restored to active faith. Really believing God, not just believing in Him. Believing God is who He says He is; Believing God can do what He says He can do; Believing I am who God says I am; Believing I can do all things through Christ; Believing God's Word is alive and active in me.

In the past few years I have really lacked faith, afraid that if I really believe God, I would set myself up for disappointment. How very wrong I have been! Here are some things that I have re-learned this week about GOD!

~His incomparably great power for us who believe... is like the working of His mighty strength. Eph 1:19

~He touched their eyes and said, "According to your faith will it be done to you." Matt 9:29

How wonderful that the simple faith, that God gives us through His grace, to believe in His Son's death as a ransom for our sin (John 3:15-18)... is the same faith that He works in us to grow in Him and do mighty kingdom things for Him.

Oh, I learned so much this week in His word! I wish so much that I could pass it to you through blog-mosis, but in the meantime... you will have to know it for yourself, and I will...

~Believe that God will completely heal my friend Layne from stage 4 brain cancer, give his wife, my friend, Erin the strength to care for her husband and two young sons.

~Believe that God will carry sweet Savannah to term and into this world and heal her body, while restoring and strengthening her mom, Christina's, health.

~Believe that God will abundantly provide for us financially to pay for this new, sweet baby in my belly...So I don't dishonor Him and lie to the medicaid office that my husband and I are separated (even though my marriage to him is the second best gift I have ever received other than my salvation), as many people have suggested I do, in order to receive medicaid. And you wonder why our health care system is so corrupt? My ob's nurse says everyone does it.

~Believe that God will heal my friend's 10 day old granddaughter, Kate, from spinal meningitis she just contracted and protect her from any long-term damage.

~Believe that God will increase my faith, that I will live a radically different and awesome life for His name and glory!
~Believe that God will knit together the sweet baby, LeeAnn is carrying
~Believe that God will bless Leigh and Tegan with a baby soon.


How very cool is is that my friend from Saudi Arabia called me today? I taught her son eight years ago and the Lord blessed us with an awesome friendship. I have thought of her so often during this season of Ramadan. I am so thankful for her and dream of a day when we can have afternoon tea together like we used to. She is pregnant with her sixth baby. She is a wonderful mother and wife. I really love her.


Do you see how refreshed McClaine was? I hope the Lord refreshed you as you read through this VERY long post. I look forward to going back and reading it one day, and giving thanks to the Lord for the mighty ways He answered my prayers. I will not be disappointed.


Jeff and LeeAnn said...

Yes, refreshing :) I wish I lived close enough to you to be in a bible study with you...

I love you my friend

Susan said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of the things that God is doing in your life. I can never get enough reminders that we serve a powerful and loving God who is capable of things beyond our imagination.
I hope that Avery will soon give Mommy a break with her self expression.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That bible study sounds great!

Thanks for sharing--very refreshing :)

Anonymous said...

Your daughter sounds like she makes life interesting!!
I did a blog award and it's for you check it out if you like

Jen said...

Wow Tyne! I'd love to hear what great thoughts come out of you when you are not up to your ears in laundry. But then again, maybe that's where God needed you to be to see what He is capable of. Thanks for sharing! God Bless you!

Collegegirl said...

Thanks for sharing what God has done in your life. It is inspiring to read. I sometimes forget that life is what God planned and have a tough time remembering that. You are so inspiring.
Hope Avery gives mama a break soon. Hang in there!!!

Krystyn said...

Very refreshing. And, your daughter is hilarious!!! And, your son looks like he really enjoyed himself.

amanda said...

oh avery. too funny friend - glad you have a positive out look on her using her words :)

Cassie said...

Avery is a hoot! She cracks me up... her and Noah would be a perfect pair.

Thanks for the inspiration about truly believing God. I am doing Beth Moore's A Woman's Heart - God's Dwelling Place... and it is rocking my world!

vickypad said...

tyne , are you sure avery and gabs are not related? Gaby has actually gotten less sassy since school started. good luck, agin something great that i had nothing to do with!! well, i have been praying. wait that's an answered prayer. yeah.

so when do you do all the pool stuff? my kids would be soo jealous to see them in the pool. we put ours away mid august.
maybe i'll take it out this week.

and an amen on your relationship with Christ.

Katrina said...

I wish you were my Bible study leader again...

anti-supermom said...

Avery is hilarious, she sounds beyond her years.

The picture is great and what a perfect way to end the post.

Indeed refreshing :)

Audrey and Company said...

Thanks for sharing. You are always so encouraging and a shining example for Christ. Love you!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Ohhh this post is so! I don't even know what to say.

I sent you an email in response to your comments on my blog. :) Wish we could do a Bible study together. :)