Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday's tidbits

*No Win Situation- having a bionic nose during pregnancy causes dilemmas. Example: Love having a clean, bathed husband and kids. Hate the smell of soap, deodorant, shaving cream and baby shampoo, but also cannot stand the smell of "recess" (the way dirty, sweaty kids smell after a hard day of play), or b.o.
Example 2: Bad news when your son takes his diaper off during nap time and war paints his entire body with fecal matter.
*Wishing cooler weather in South Texas with a little soup and Bing Crosby's White Christmas Album for dinner. Since you know I only cook a few times a week, how gross is canned soup? What is the deal with hard peas, noodles, kidney beans and garbanzo beans and soggy veggies? Can somebody please recommend a good canned soup?

*A tribute to Brandi. Sweet dog that was loved by many was put to sleep today (she had a stroke this morning). She was originally a Christmas present to my cousin, Brittny. But Brandi decided she liked grandma Audrey better (or oxtail bones from her famous soup), and then when Grandma went to be with Jesus in Heaven (probably to do some bowling), Brandi went to live with my aunt Janice and Jim. They really love her. She was the sweetest dog and close to a daughter to my Aunt. She lived a good life. You will be missed, Brandi Girl.

*Audrey pulled herself up on a chair and stood holding it, laughing immensely at herself for nearly 7 minutes. Wish I had that on video, not that anyone besides Oma, Leigh and Margaret would have sat through a seven minute video.

*How grumpy do I get when people abuse the drive-thru lines? Example: A car with no children in it and no "person with disability" tag in the window. Times 20. And you insist on waiting in one of three lines at the bank drive-thru. Now after five minutes I am gridlocked in line with a van full of three children. By the time I get up to the crazy tube tunnel it has been 50 minutes, Audrey is crying loud, and Avery is about to wet her pants. So I finish with the "convenient" drive-thru, park in the front of the bank and unload all three kids to take Avery inside to the restroom. NOT ONE PERSON IN LINE INSIDE THE BANK. Can we please reserve drive-thrus for people like me. And while we are at it, how great is this idea?
*I am feeling pretty sentimental. Avery is going to be four in a couple weeks and I have been sooooo blessed to be her mommy. Just wanted to post a couple of my favorite pictures here and there until her big day.

Her Birthday


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Hope the smell thing gets better--I totally remember..and one of the reasons I don't have five :)

I so agree on the drive thrus, 'nuff said.

Totally sweet pics--You and dad look so proud!

amanda said...

perfect - another flag idea!! how about purple - get out of my way silly drive-thru people - car full of kids. reverse and let me in!!

adding it to the list :)

and super cute baby avery pics!!

Susan said...

That olfactory sense is the worst during pregnancy.
What is it with boys and the removal of diapers during nap time? And why do they always have to make a mess of it?
Yay for Audrey!
I love those Avery pics...so cute!

Ryan Evans said...

ryan was here. luv what you are doing.

Chelle said...

I hated anything with a scent while pregnant...I feel for you, hon!

So sorry with the passing of Brandi :( Loved reading about her and she sounds like such a good doggie.

And I love the pictures. The happiness on your face brought a smile to my face.

Erica Wilson said...

I love those sweet pictures! There is nothing better than holding a new baby. And I love your examples of the "bionic nose" of pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I would lock myself in our bedroom whenever Eric was going to open the fridge and not come out for at least twenty minutes, giving the smell time to settle. :) Good soup: Muir Glen Organics. All flavors. I eat it almost every day for lunch.

Krystyn said...

The smell thing is just AWFUL! I hope it passes soon.

I love the "birthday" pictures. Makes me all sentimental!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Awwww the photos are just so precious!

I remember not being able to smell anything without getting sick when I was prego. I'd have to put my shirt over my nose to cover up. lol That looked normal. ha


Vashey Fam said...

Tyne, I so wish I could help! You need to come live by me. Wyatt needs his cousins!

Collegegirl said...

Hope things were not as bad today as yesterday. By the way-to look at Hollie's blog, just click on her name!

anti-supermom said...

That last picture of you and Avery is gorgeous, simply sorgeous.

Sorry about the smell thing, I had it too, for all three pregnancies, the entire time. It literally 'stinks'.

Annie said...

Such sweet pictures!