Friday, October 31, 2008

For those of you who have been following this story and praying for my friend, Christina and her daughter, Savannah...
"On Tuesday, October 28, 2008,
Savannah Grace Burrell
was born into the arms of Jesus.
Her Daddy delivered her at home, where she was surrounded by her Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother, Jaythan. Her delivery was not what we had ever imagined, but we were already able to see God's hands at work on this day.
Savannah Grace Burrell,
born into the arms of Jesus at 11:20 a.m..
She weighed 2 pounds, 5 ounces and
measured 13 1/2 inches tall.
In time, we will be able to share more, but are not able to fully express in words everything that has happened in the past days. We will continue to update and journal about Savannah Grace and our journey after she went to be with our Lord and Savior. We covet your prayers and thank each and every one of you for sharing in our journey."

It would be such a blessing to this dear family if you signed their guestbook and let them know you are thinking of them in this time.


Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... said...

I just found your blog this past week, so I did not know about your dear friend, but please know that I am now in prayer for the entire family (their biological family and their family in God) that He will just cover them in a veil of peace that surpasses all understanding and that He helps them to grieve, then heal in time :(...I can't even begin to express how sorry I am for their loss, but how much it brings peace & joy to my heart that they know where their precious baby is now...I am sure she will be one of the first ones waiting to welcome them Home when the time comes.....

lots_of_love_four_kids said...

HI Tyne-
So sorry to hear this news. We have been praying for them, and will continue to do so. I went over to caringbridge and left them a message.
Thank you for passing along this info so that people can be praying for this family.

Chelle said...

Tyne, so sorry to hear this news. I will continue to pray for them and keep them in my thoughts.

anti-supermom said...

I'm so sorry. Blessing all the way around.

Baby Tunnel Exodus said...

Oh! The tears come so easy for babies... and their Mamas with empty arms. Praising the Lord for Savannah's heavenly healing and begging Him for the peace that passes all understanding to flood their hearts.

Blessings, Whitney

Jen said...

Oh this just breaks my heart! We are praying for them!