Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama/Palin Ticket- So (not) PC

And other Friday Fragments...

Friday Fragments?

My mom is an avid Talk Radio Listener, I would be too, if we picked it up down here by Mexico, and I didn't have Laurie Berkner rockin' my mini-van. I have been reluctant to put political posts on my blog because I want you wonderful readers to return regardless of my opinions to have it bound in a book for my kids, but since my children will be greatly impacted by this election, I thought I would take just a moment.

She (my mom) listens to this great guy in Denver on KOA, Mike Rosen, he is brilliant, and funny. He featured excerpts from the Howard Stern Show on his radio program the other day, that I found and you must hear- they are only about two minutes. Two minutes- please take two to hear for yourself. How not PC is this? I am not endorsing anyone by this clip- including Howard Stern!
Obama/Palin Ticket, PC?

Okay, Americans, regardless of who you are voting for, or what issues you feel strongly about, can we please work together to be educated voters?
Other important business-
Audrey has four teeth coming in on the top, including her incisors. Hello grumpy girl, do you want a little Orajel and Tylenol?
2 people have peeked in the jar, and it has spread to three other people, but Caleb and I still don't know!
McClaine is his momma's son. He loves shocklehhhhhhhhhhh (chocolate). He wants shocklehhhhhhhh. All day long.
The Lord is kindly teaching me about leaving my children a great inheritance (a wealth of spiritual blessings). I am so honored that He has chosen me for this and praise Him that He has given us everything pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3), to do just so.
Have a great weekend.


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Oh goodness---I just about spewed my coffee all over my keyboard. Just not sure what to say on that.....

So people have peeked in the jar--can I peek? I am in Dallas--just hop on 35; we've got great radio here ;)

The Mom said...

McClaine is my kind of kid! ;)

Following Him said...

Abilene does not have good talk radio either. Chocolate and teeth, boy your house is busy :) Hope miss grumpy feels better and those teeth do not hurt. Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

Sounds like McClaine could be my son too.

Hope the teething passes quickly.

I would be dying if others had peeked in the jar and knew and I didn't. You deserve an award for willpower. I'll email the Queen and see if she can dish you out some honours. Not like she does much else.

Auds at Barking Mad! said...

I heard this on Howard's show when he first aired it and just about died. I just could not get over it.

Oh and as far as talk radio...I have a hard time getting them too, but I listen to as many as I can via the stations that stream on the web. If my local talk station doesn't stream, I find one that does! Problem taken care of!

Rick and Mary Pat said...

Thanks for sharing the clip Tyne. This is the first time I've paid really close attention to an election and I am saddened that some people just don't have a clue. Regardless of your political views just get the facts about each candidate. I love the website to get a non-biased view.

Elizabeth said...

Too funny about your son loving daughter is already begging for chocolate snacks (hershey kisses) & she's only 18 mos old!

...sooo, expect a stalker...

Mrs4444 said...

Loved your last fragment best; it's inspirational. Good luck with the teething....

Wendy said...

We love Laurie Berkner too!