Friday, October 17, 2008

Stuff you might want to know

Potty Training McClaine is ehhh. Usually he does pretty well, running around the house all nakie, yelling "toy-yet" and "lemon" (that's how he says m&m). This morning however, he reverted to primitive body art with his poo, and it was 10 minutes before I needed to load them in the car to head to my ob for my sono.

Avery noticed McClaine was in my car in the garage, apparently going through my coins. She said, "McClaine is officially in your money in the car."

Praise the Lord! God provided tenants for our house in Colorado. And in His perfect timing, they are giving us first months rent and security deposit in time to make our mortgage payment. Thank you, Lord, for your faithful provision.

Aves' prayer of thanks before dinner the other night:
"Heavenly Father, hallowed be my name.
Thy word is in You, You are kingdom...

McClaine thinks he is a ninja.

Audrey is standing independently. She may be a ninja.


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Thanks for the update on the kids but how are you feeling--and baby?
Hope potty training is finished soon :)

Rachel Wilson said...

You're kids are ninjas because they come from awesome ninja parents. but for me. I am a pirate.

Nothing says Friday like a good poop art story! Where's the pic? ;)

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness, Avery's prayer is so cute!!!

Hope you got all the poop cleaned up. I am so not looking forward to potty training again! UGH!

Tegan said...

You make me laugh out loud all the time. I love all those sweet moments that you capture!

Carol said...

Sounds like your kids are warming you up for the craziness that will be having 4 kids in the not so distant future.

You have a ninja? I'm jealous we only have a Jedi.

Pennies In My Pocket said...

Awwww at Ave's prayer! Soooo sweet! And I LOVE 'lemon' being the word for M&Ms!

So happy for you about the tenant! We have one in our other house. She hardly EVER pays the rent on weeks late. Rent was due yesterday and we haven't heard from her. Uuugghhh. Sounds like you have a good one though. We were dumb and waived the deposits. :(


Following Him said...

You totally crack me up with the kiddos and their sayings :) Yes my last post was on very little sleep, but it made me feel better to post it.
Glad you found a tenant for your home-yahoo!!!

Midwest Mommy said...

How sweet!

Mamasphere said...

How adorable is that prayer?!

Sorry about the poop art. So far I've escaped that catastrophe, but I'm sure my luck will run out with the next one, lol.

Susan said...

That prayer is too cute!
Ninjas??? We don't have those around here yet.
Hope the potty training starts to get better!
Yay for God's provision just in time!!!