Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I read the other day on one of those stale-the-fourth-time-around pregnancy calendar websites, that you can hear me. So, I thought I would write you a little note to tell you how excited I am about you. It is because of you that I have been wearing my 4 year old maternity clothes for weeks now. It is because of you that I nearly puke every time I brush my teeth. It is because of you that I feel a wreck by 3 pm, barely able to peel myself from the couch.

But I can feel you moving now, not the "ugh, you just displaced my kidney" moving, but those sweet flutters that will melt a mama's heart. Those movements make me eagerly anticipate holding you for the first time, smelling those newborn baby smells. I even look forward to your diapers- nursed baby's diapers are actually not too stinky... unlike your brother and sister's diapers.

Speaking of diapers, I feel like I have quite a lot to accomplish before you get here- like potty training your brother. I have been working really hard on that the past couple weeks- and he is doing great. I just don't know that I can change (or afford) 3 babies in diapers. I am also going to try to move McClaine to a big boy bed, because someone I know is going to need his crib. Part of me is reluctant to do this, I love having him in the crib to get some much needed rest for us in the afternoon.

I am also transitioning your little-big sister, Audrey, to solid food. No more spoon feeding for that little babe. She has been loving the stuff I pile on her highchair tray- chicken, green beans, sweet potato, cooked apples, bananas, cheerios, graham crackers, avocado and butternut squash. Yummy! Audrey is full-on kissy mode right now. Kissing everything and everyone. She will lavish you with kisses I am sure.

Avery has been helping me think of names for you, my sweet. So far she likes Sheequa, Charmane and Mariposa Butterfly Fairy. What do you think? Any of those strike your fancy? I think they are a little feminine, too- and I am pretty sure you are a boy, since I have been cramming food in my face like it is my last meal. You know, when I was pregnant with your sisters, I could hardly eat at all, but with McClaine, I was a regular eating machine. When I went to my ob appointment last week, the practitioner agreed based on your heartrate on doppler. Guess we will see in March. I think you will be a surprise!

Anyway, just so you know we are looking forward to meeting you, and adding you to our great family.


Mommy (hear that word? Practice it now... I would like for one of my children to say "mama" before "dada")


amanda said...

wow - avery picked out some great names :)

cute letter friend!

Susan said...

What a cute post!
It is so magical when they start to move and you know they can hear you.
Those names Avery has chosen are really something special (LOL)!!
Good luck on the potty training.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

That is such a sweet letter--save this for baby to be :)

Audrey and Company said...

I was wondering if you were going to be surprised this time around or find out the sex at 20 weeks... so fun! I loved the picture of your cute baby bump from Avery's bday.

vickypad said...

I want one. Can you say "Vicky" about 100 times a day- out loud. You know Vicky Yvonne White would be cute.

Elaine A. said...

Glad that you are keeping the wee one in the loop. That is very important! ; )

m said...

A very nice post indeed!:)

jOni lAnE said...

I vote for Mariposa Fairy Butterfly. Has a catchy ring to it! ;) So cute. Hope you are feeling better SOON!

Jen said...

I vote for Mariposa Butterfly Fairy too! Very sweet:)

Krystyn said...

Definitely a cute letter!

Good luck with the potty training, bed moving and solid food eating. You've got a lot going on. No wonder you are done by 3!

Do the's so much fun!