Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Double Duped

We have been busy the past few days... in case you haven't noticed the lack of posts, or comments on your blogs.

My Aunt Janice and Jimmy Ray came way down south to visit us and we had a great weekend, mostly Janice and I really stickin' it to the guys in Pinochle. I think they were a little off considering the "mojito mojo" wasn't all they had hoped, and they couldn't hold a double pinochle to my aunt's Pinot Grigio and my pregnant brain.
The big girls took to the nail salon on Saturday morning and then had a sushi lunch.

Saturday night we celebrated Aunt Janice's birthday with dinner in Mexico. Nothing says ole' to out of town guests like a ten minute drive to another country and some of the finest shopping you could ever imagine. That is if you are looking for a pirated copy of House Bunny or a ceramic turtle that breaks before you cross the border, or some permanent eyeliner tattoos. All of which were on their list of must have souvenirs! HA!

Sunday we had some other family over to join us for Texas brisket after church. Avery, McClaine, Grace and Ellie were in the back yard playing while we finished up lunch preparations, it started sprinkling outside so the kids ran back in the house. Well, most of them. Then it started pouring, and pouring. Several minutes later, we called the kids into the kitchen to give thanks for the food. I realized we were missing McClaine, so I rushed outside in the rainstorm and realized he was just out there, stuck in the toddler swing. Sopping wet. Swinging in the Rain.

Monday morning the school called Caleb at work. They said that Avery was complaining that her va-j-j was stinging her. She actually said "her bottom." They actually said the technical term. For the sake of the blog, I will say va-j-j. So I drove up to school with the other two kids, and Janice and Jim following us, as we would proceed to the Boot Factory for a tour after I checked out the situation... Which was not really a situation, but Avery using her keen skills to dupe her teacher and mother into letting her ditch school and spend more time with Aunt Janice and Jimmy Ray. And she did dupe me, because I never heard one thing from her about her stinging va-j-j from there on out.
I was double duped this week. Today we were supposed to have a little party for our last Bible Study meeting, and a baby shower. And McClaine faked sick in the nursery. So I pulled him out early and headed home. He was a maniacal, live wire all the way home. Or maybe he had finally dried off from his Swinging in the Rain episode.


Emily said...

That's so funny that Avery is smart enough to figure that out - and of all the things that could have been wrong with her to use that excuse is even funnier! We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving and finally meet Audrey. I'm a little bothered right now that my baby bump looks bigger than your baby bump. You are 3 or 4 weeks ahead of me - something is not right about that. Maybe I should lay off the Starbucks and Halloween candy!

Chelle said...

Aw, I was wondering where you had been :)

You have been busy! But it sounds like you had a lot of fun.

I was laughing at the souvenier part :) hehe!

Vashey Fam said...

Gosh, it sounds like a blast! Aunt Janice looks absolutely the same...she never ages! Do they have IQ tests for 4 yr olds? Avery is making me wonder with her shenanigans! If I hadn't been around, I'd think you were exaggerating! She's one smart cookie.

McMommy said...

Ok, Aunt Janice needs to spill her beauty secrets.

She looks FABU!!!!! Also, I want her haircut. And haircolor.

Jeff said...

Sounds like a great weekend :) I really miss pinochle, I think it has been years since I have played so I don't even know if I remember the rules... I am really old enough for it to have been years since I've done something...?

Jeff said...

LeeAnn said the last comment, not Jeff... oops

Following Him said...

They faked sick to be with aunt and uncle? What CLEVER CLEVER kiddos!!! Seriously! By the way, you look AMAZING!!

Jenn P. said...

That all sounds like so much fun! I am also jealous of the sushi lunch, I haven't had sushi for so long now!

Elaine A. said...

Gosh, your kids are good! ; )

Cute pictures - such an adorable bump you have there!

Krystyn said...

You've been terribly busy. No wonder you haven't been around!

It all sounds so fun!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

What a great weekend--and look at you with little baby :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Forgot to add--sneaky kids, what do you do ? ;)

amanda said...

sooo funny friend :)

looks like you guys had lots of fun!!

and the belly pic is adorable!!